Dress Your Pet Up In A Holiday Pet Costume

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How can I dress my dog up during Halloween?

Dress Your Pet Up In A Holiday Pet Costume

When the holidays roll around, there's no reason why Fido shouldn't be part of the festivities. Dressing your canine up in a holiday pet costume can bring cheer even to the grumpiest holiday Scrooge. For ideas on a holiday pet costume for your four-legged best friend, take a look at this list.

  • Try a holiday pet accessory like a Santa hat and matching scarf.
  • For a minimalist holiday pet accessory, get reindeer ears for your canine Blitzen.
  • If your canine is your little helper year round, turn him into Santa's little helper with an elf outfit.
  • Your pooch can dress up as the red-suited Santa himself for the holidays.
  • For your sweet pup, get a candy cane headpiece.
  • There's no better time to show off your dog's well-behaved side than during Christmas in an angel costume.
  • Show off your dog's Christmas spirit with a wreath collar.



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