Six Halloween Costumes For Twins

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Do you have costume ideas for twins?

Six Halloween Costumes For Twins

Got a twin or buddy who could nearly be one? Dressing up for Halloween with your double is a great way to take on Halloween. This is our list of Halloween costumes for twins.

  • For the littlest twin tykes, Halloween costumes like peas in a pod couldn't be cuter.
  • For those of you who are an identical pair dress up as the Doublemint twins, complete with packs of Doublemint gum.
  • Shake things up as salt and pepper shakers.
  • Get your doppelganger and dress up as toy soldiers a la the Nutcracker.
  • For twins with opposite personalities, dress up as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Triplets? Go together as the Three Blind Mice.
If you're still looking for Halloween costumes for twins, borrow some ideas from the couples costume section at your costume retailer. If the couples costume section doesn't quite work for you, another good place to look for Halloween costumes for twins is the group costumes section.



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