Create Your Own Mythological Couples Costume

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What is an easy couples costume to make?

Create Your Own Mythological Couples Costume

Want to become the mythological reigning god and goddess of Greek mythology? You can as Zeus and Hera, the infamous feuding deities. You can create your own mythological couples costume with just a few items and a bit of work.

For Zeus, fashion a toga out of a white sheet for your half of the mythological couples costume. Get heavy-duty gold paper to fashion a crown and create the shape of a large thunderbolt. For added stiffness, you can use spray mount to affix the gold paper on both sides of cardboard for the thunderbolt. Add sandals for your feet and you're all set.

For Hera, create your own toga with a length of white fabric. Have enough white fabric on hand to make an ankle-length dress. Use gold ribbons to belt and adorn the dress. Fashion a simple crown from heavy-duty gold paper and compliment your mythological couples costume with gold sandals. As an accessory, carry a pomegranate as Hera often did.



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