Top Off Your Outfit With Costume Hats

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Can you give me some ideas for using costume hats as an accessory?

Top Off Your Outfit With Costume Hats

Some Halloween outfits just wouldn't be complete without costume hats. To complete your look, take a peek at our picks for costume hats to perfect your Halloween look.

  • For a first year student at Hogwarts, no start of the school year would be complete without a Harry Potter sorting hat.
  • Want to play the Skipper from Gilligan's island? Get a yachting cap to top off your Halloween costume.
  • No swashbuckling buccaneer of the high seas would be caught without his pirate's hat.
  • Costume hats make the mobster. Whether you're playing one of the henchmen or the gangster's moll, you wouldn't be complete without your fedora hat.

Even kid's costumes can use costume hats to cap off their look. Choose from costume hats for kid's costumes like a military helmet for you budding soldier, a tiara for her royal highness, and an airline hat for your captain of the airplane crew.



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