Take Your Pick From A Zoo Full Of Animal Masks

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Do you have ideas for animal masks as costumes?

Take Your Pick From A Zoo Full Of Animal Masks

Animal masks can be a fun addition to a costume for all age groups. From animals on the farm to ones that are make-believe, animal masks come in all shapes and sizes. Here is our take on masks inspired by the wild kingdom.

  • Got three kids? Get three pig masks, dress them up in overalls and you have the three little pigs.
  • For the Big Bad Wolf who devoured Grandma, get a latex Halloween mask which comes with granny glasses and cap. Then put on a smock dress for the finishing touch.
  • What's white and black and huggable all over? A giant panda! Get this Halloween mask, dress in a white jersey with black sleeves and black pants, and then add a tag on the ear. You'll be an instant Beanie Baby.



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