Go As Royalty In A Medieval Princess Costume

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What will I wear for a medieval princess costume?

Go As Royalty In A Medieval Princess Costume

If you're feeling regal, get dressed up in a medieval princess costume for the next renaissance fair event or Halloween. For a fair maiden who is obviously of noble descent, you'll need the following attire:

  • A medieval princess costume will have a dress with draping skirt, fitted at the waist and bordered with rich designs at the neck and sleeves.
  • As royalty, your sleeves will be long and flowing rather than short and utilitarian.
  • Your hair will be long and plaited, with a part in the center.
  • Worn by nobility in the 15th century, the conical hat was a lightweight cone with an attached veil that fell over the shoulders. The conical hat was worn tiled backwards. Today, the conical hat is a fixture of the medieval princess costume.



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