Sexy Halloween Costume - Daisy Duke

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What’s an easy sexy Halloween costume that people will recognize?

Sexy Halloween Costume - Daisy Duke

For a sexy Halloween costume, you can go as a come hither girl from the South. Get dressed up as the Dukes of Hazard sweetheart, Daisy Duke. Naturally, you need a pair of short shorts just like Daisy Duke wears. If you don't already own a pair, get an old pair of blue denim jeans and turn them into cutoffs as short as you dare. Then add a leather belt at the waist and a midriff-bearing top. For hair, you'll need a luscious full mane – blond if you want to go with the movie version and brunette if you want to go with the TV version. Finish your sexy Halloween costume off with some red-hot heels.

To compliment your character, add Daisy Duke's hunky cousins, Luke and Bo Derek. For the good ole' boys, have them dress up in tight jeans, denim shirts, and cowboy hats.



10/24/2006 1:41:31 PM
Mellisa said:

It's Bo DUKE. Bo Derek is a female that starred in the movie "10".


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