1950s Costumes From Today's Closet

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Where can I find Poodle Skirt patterns?

1950s Costumes From Today's Closet

You've decided last minute to attend this year's costume party but don't know what to wear. A typical dilemma with an easy-to-fix solution. Just open your closet and start dressing! For a 1950s costume, here are two suggestions:

  1. Grab a pair of jeans and roll up the bottoms. Wear black shoes and white socks folded over at the ankle. A white t-shirt will suffice, but roll up the sleeves. Put a comb in your back pocket and grab your leather jacket for a night out.
  2. Pull out your favorite pair of capri pants and a sweater set. Cut out your first initial from a piece of black cardboard paper or black felt paper and pin it to your sweater. Curl your hair under and accessorize with a simple strand of pearls.



1/31/2007 10:01:05 AM
50 girl said:

I wish you had supplied at least one picture of someone from the 5o's. Male and female. The tips are good but I need a picture too. It was harder than you think to find a picture! Thanks


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