Washing Halloween Costumes

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How do I go about washing Halloween costumes?

Washing Halloween Costumes

In order to wash your Halloween costumes and furry or mascot costumes (example: Easter Bunny, Gorilla or any plush furry costume), you can spot clean the head with some carpet cleaner. For stubborn stains on the body portion (knees and cuffs), hand treat with Kirkman or other laundry soap prior to the machine-wash. To wash the body, turn it inside out and machine-wash on a cold gentle cycle with an extra rinse. Use a gentle detergent and fabric softener, both at half the usual recommended amount. After wash is finished, turn the costume body to the correct side out and hang dry. DO NOT USE HEAT TO DRY. Once the costume is completely dry, brush with wire wig brush WITHOUT KNOBS or dog brush.



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