Costume Makeup for Facepainting

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How do I do facepainting with costume makeup?

Costume Makeup for Facepainting

The best costume make-up for face painting at children's parties is a water-based liquid makeup that can be found in costume make-up kits. It usually works best for group face painting. A water-based costume make up will dry so it will not rub off on everything child touches. Additionally, it easily washes off with soap and water. Please keep in mind, all red and yellow costume make up tends to slightly stain fair skin. We recommend using these colors sparingly. Do not over-scrub your child's face in an attempt to fully remove these colors. The color will fade on its own. For application, we recommend using a styrofoam egg carton (cardboard will absorb the makeup and eventually leak) or muffin pan as your pallet. You can poor each color into its own section or even mix two colors in one ""cup"" to create additional color options. Costume make-up can be applied with brushes or even Q-Tips. Some parents prefer the Q-Tip method because they can be disposed after each child. Every face gets fresh Q-Tips. If you are not very artistic, you can stick to basic shapes. Draw a heart, a star, a rainbow. You can create a cat simply by coloring the nose black and adding a few lines for whiskers. You can also use stencils. Hold the stencil up to the face and use a sponge to "dab" the costume make-up over the exposed area.



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