Applying Artificial Mustaches - Cstoume Makeup Techniques

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How do I apply costume makeup and artificial mustaches?

Applying Artificial Mustaches - Cstoume Makeup Techniques

If you want to apply an artificial moustache for stage make-up techniques, follow these simple application instructions for a comfortable, realistic, and natural looking moustache. 1. Remove moustache from package. 2. Fold Moustache in half and cut in exact center resulting in two equal size pieces. (Applying the moustache as two separate pieces allows it to move more naturally when you speak.) 3. Apply Spirit gum to one side of the face. 4. Allow to dry slightly and become sticky to touch. 5. Press on one side of the moustache. 6. Repeat steps 3-5 with second half of moustache. Applying the moustache in two separate pieces will allow it to move more naturally with your mouth when you speak, drink and eat. To remove moustache, simply peal it off like a band aid and use the Spirit Gum Remover to remove any glue left on the face. Do not apply spirit gum remover directly onto the moustache.



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