Pilgrim Costumes for November and Christmas Costumes for December

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What are some good Thanksgiving and Christmas costume ideas?

Pilgrim Costumes for November and Christmas Costumes for December

For historical costumes for November, disguise yourself as a Thanksgiving turkey with all of the trimmings, an Indian, or a pilgrim man or a pilgrim woman to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. For ideas for holiday costumes for December, dress in biblical costumes like Mary and Joseph and baby (or an adult) Jesus or a shepherd. Or become a traditional Santa's helper Elf, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, a Christmas tree, or reindeer. To celebrate Chanukah, become the Judah Maccabeus, a man who led a small group of Jewish men to a surprising victory over a large Syrian army trying to make the Temple of Jerusalem a temple for the Greek religion, and re-dedicated the Temple to the Jewish religion in the second century B.C. Or you may dress up as a Menorah or a dreydl (a 4-sided top used on Chanukah to play a game of chance).



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