History Behind Mardi Gras Feather Masks

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What is the history behind feather masks?

History Behind Mardi Gras Feather Masks

The tradition of masked parties in New Orleans has been an ongoing battle. During the late 1700's, pre-Lenten masked balls and festivals were common in New Orleans while it was under French rule. However when New Orleans came under Spanish rule the custom was banned. In 1803 New Orleans came under the U.S. flag. The prohibition against masked festivals continued until 1823 when the Creole populace convinced the governor to permit masked balls. In 1827 street masking was again legalized. So wear your feather mask proudly and make your forefathers proud!



2/13/2007 2:41:59 PM
Lisa said:

Cool never new that! This is so going to help convince my art teacher to let us design a mardi gras mask. She wouldn't let us unless we found a little bit of info on it!My classmates are going to be so happy!


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