Right Size Costumes

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How do I know if my child’s Anakin Skywalker costume or Darth Vader costume is the right size?

Right Size Costumes

When buying your daughter's Anakin Skywalker costume, light sabers not included, remember that kid sizes refer to the specific size and not to the child's age. The Darth Vader costume, like the Anakin Skywalker costume, is a fitted costume with shirt and top. The Anakin Skywalker costume comes in Medium and Large, while the Darth Vader costume comes in Small, Medium and Large, except for the deluxe Darth Vader costume, which only comes in Large and includes a light saber. * Small: Corresponds to child sizes 4-6 and fits children 3-4 years old. * Medium: Corresponds to child sizes 8-10 and fits children 5-7 years old. * Large: Corresponds to child sizes 12-14 and fits children 8-10 years old. The Episode 3 Child's Darth Vader Costume Playset only consists of a tunic, cape and helmet, but does include a light saber. This costume fits most children.



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