Women's Costumes – Greek vs. Roman

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What’s the difference between a woman’s Greek and Roman costume?

Women's Costumes – Greek vs. Roman

There is no Greek toga costume for women or men. Think Greek chitons, Roman togas. If your sister-in-law asks you if you know how to make a toga for an Athenian woman, smile and say, “Athenian women wear chitons.” What is a chiton? Greek women's chitons are gowns or tunics. Hot tip: Whether you're making a toga or a chiton, don't use a bedsheet. Go to a fabric shop and buy linen or wool for your Greek “togas”. Greek women's chitons, which were traditionally a yard longer than men's, came in two flavors: Doric and Ionic. The Doric style uses wool folded to form a double covering at the waist and pinned at the shoulder by a brooch. The later Ionic style is simpler, made of linen, and sewn at the shoulders. For both styles, wear a fancy girdle or jeweled fashion belt. If you want to get authentic, make a wool cloak called a himation or throw on one of the whole-body shawls or pashminas. Ancient Greek women never left the house without the himation. The women's Roman toga costumes should be white wool or comparable fabric. The style is similar to male togas. In contrast, Greek women's chitons were always longer than male chitons. Also, check your history, since fashion was just as unpredictable in the ancient world as it is now. In later Roman times, only women of ill-repute wore Roman togas. Proper young ladies and matrons, as well as slaves, wore short-sleeved tunics tied at the waist. Married woman covered their tonics with a stola, a long, full dress with a high waist girdle and a colorful border around the neckline. Of course, you could always wear the toga pullas, made all of black wool, and be a Roman widow at a funeral. Black also works for an ancient Greek woman's costume.



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