Humorous Couple Costumes

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What are some humorous couple costumes?

Humorous Couple Costumes

If you've watched and if you met through, you know that humor is one of the ingredients of a successful relationship--just ask Ray Romano, who's laughing all the way to the bank and the Emmy awards. While your funny Halloween costume idea for couple may not bring you fame and fortune, it will make you laugh. Here are our picks for funny couple Halloween costumes:

* Breathalyzer and martini or beer
* His and hers clown costumes
* Old maid or Grandma and Casanova
* Howard Stern and Mother Teresa (overheard as a fun ny PA announcement in Joe's Crab Shack)
* French Fries and ketchup
* Plumber or Handyman and Desperate Housewife
* Campbell's Soup and crackers

When you select funny couple costumes, it's a bonding experience that will make you smile at the memories years later--whether or not you create a successful sitcom. At the very least, you'll be featured on commercials.



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