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What are some good adult costumes?

Adult Costumes

This Halloween, dress in full costume for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. You'll love it! If you're going to a costume party, go all out!

Ideas for men are Drac in the Box, Evil Jester, Austin Powers, Baseball Player Old Time, Batman Begins, and Biblical Joseph.

Women can go as Batarella, Beer Garden Girl, Belle at the Ball, Elvira, or Belly Dancer.

Costume ideas are limitless. So are the props, wigs, hats, and make-up. Have fun!

Adult costumes range from Horror to Historical, from Pimp to Maiden. Let your imagination go wild!

How do I dress as a cop?

Cop Costume

Don't fly under the radar! Your Cop Costume is the ticket to cool. You'll need a blue shirt and pants, cop hat, plastic handcuffs, badge, and belt. Put on your sunglasses and start writing tickets!

How do I put together an 80s costume?

80s Costume

Here are some suggestions for any 1980s costume:

  • Mullet
  • Big hair and lots of frosted makeup
  • Sweatshirt with puffy paint
  • Side ponytail, scrunchies, tights, legwarmers
  • Preppy
  • Poofy prom dress
  • Alf , California Raisin, Care Bear
  • Axl Rose, Madonna, Blues Brothers, Billy Idol, Boy George, Joan Jett
  • Imelda Marcos, Tammy Faye Bakker
  • "The Breakfast Club," "Breakdance," "E.T.," "Ghostbusters," "Karate Kid," Magnum P.I."

What are this year's hottest costumes for Halloween?

Hottest Costumes for Halloween

The most popular Halloween costumes this year are the following: Top 5 For Adults:

  • Pirate
  • Toga Costumes
  • Flapper Costumes
  • Pink Ladies Jackets
  • Spiderman

Top 5 For Kids:
  • Power Rangers
  • Harry Potter
  • Barbie Costumes
  • Flash
  • Pirates

Are there Plus Size adult costumes?

Plus Size Costumes

Don't let your Plus Size keep you out of costume. Anything they can do, you can do better!

Men's Plus Size costumes include Beer Keg, Caesar, Covenant Minister of Death, El Bandido, and Hercules.

Great women's Plus Size costumes range from Charleston Queen to Cocktail Hunny Bunny, Elvira to Fine Foxy Mama. Bring it on!

You can dress up in just about any costume. Plus Size costumes look great on you. You'll fit right in to any costume party!

How do I choose a costume?

Your Kind of Costume

Adults don't have to miss out on all the fun. Think of your favorite movie or time period. What kind of costume will you feel comfortable wearing? Which costume fits your personality? Look online or in costume books for ideas for Halloween and costume parties.

Online costume shops carry your kind of adult costume year-round. It's also the place to buy Plus Size and theatrical costumes. Don't forget theatrical make-up, props, beards, wigs, and masks. So dress up and enjoy yourself!

How do I dress as Jack Sparrow?

Jack Sparrow Costume

Capt. Jack Sparrow is one of this Halloween's hottest costumes. "Pirates of the Caribbean" is Johnny Depp's most famous role. Make history with your Jack Sparrow costume. You'll need:

  • Pirate shirt
  • Vest
  • Sash
  • Belts and buckles
  • Two belts with buckles
  • Pirate boots
  • Hat
  • Braids, mustache and goatee
  • Pirate pants
  • Theatrical makeup

What are some ideas for fairy tale costumes?

Cartoon Characters Costumes

For fairy tale costumes for adults, try these suggestions this year: be a typical witch or warlock, a fairy, a superhero costume (Batman, Catwoman, Power Ranger, Spiderman, a Toy Buzz Lightyear costume or Wonder Woman. Other Halloween costume ideas include Star Trek and space costumes, Matrix the movie characters, the Flintstone family characters and other pre-historic costumes, pirate costumes, cowboys and cowgirls and Indians and other cartoon characters. Some storybook characters may include Clifford the Big Red Dog, the Cat in the Hat, Bugs Bunny, the Grinch who stole Christmas, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, Scooby Doo and the rest of the gang, miscellaneous Simpsons characters, different colored M & M's, and more.

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