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Can I reenact horror movie scenes with Gothic plus size wear?

Horror Movie Scene Ideas

Ever notice that the people who get killed first in horror movies are plus size? Hollywood seems to have a vendetta. Maybe it's the idea that gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. What a concept: Hollywood punishing people for sin.

However, if you're shopping in the Gothic plus size aisle, you don't have to dread choosing horror and Gothic plus size costumes. Movies are, after all, only make-believe. You can even have fun with horror movie scenes. Try being:

* Lestat biting a waif who turns into a voluptuous woman
* Frankenstein embracing his Queen of Night in a Monster Bride wig
* Dracula biting scores of women in plus size Gothic and refusing the skinny ones
* A trio of the Witches of Eastwick in gothic Halloween costumes plus size--with a plump Cher (bonus points for an "I Got You Babe" hairdo)

You can have fun with horror movie moments. Besides, in some films, the skinny girls get lured to their doom. Just don't go into a haunted house alone, and always look behind you.

Can I be a good Gothic sorceress or vampiress?

Gothic=Black Magic?

As Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings proved, power can be used for good or ill. You don't have to be a plus size Gothic villain. Bad and beautiful is fascinating, but you can be good and gorgeous.

Witches don't have to be "toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble." You can be a Parisian witch in pink, or a celestial sorceress who's dressed in black but has the nobility of a Galadriel or Hermione. Horror and Gothic plus size costumes expand the imagination and your options when choosing Halloween plus size wear.

Also, as David McLeod and other vampire horror authors have proved, you can be a tragically once-human vampiress in gothic Halloween costumes plus size--check out DANCING WITH THE MOON for the Gypsy vampire Tsigane. Want to dress as Tsigane? Try a brunette wig, Gypsy jewelry and shimmering rose or purple vampiress Gothic plus size costumes. Use earth-tone cosmetics for that exotic Gypsy look.

When two of the biggest fantasy series are on your side, you don't have to turn to the dark side of plus size Gothic.

What are some new horror and Gothic costumes I can do?

Original Horror and Gothic Costumes

We've all seen the same vampires, mummies and witches. For years plus size would-be minions of darkness were restricted. Now that gothic halloween costumes plus size are common, you want to "Scream" for original horror and Gothic plus size costumes. Here are some of our hints for original Gothic plus size looks:

* Gothic Lace Vampire with Geisha hairdo and fan
* Zombie costume body without the mask, with white makeup and a long attractive blonde wig
* Cat makeup instead of vampire makeup with vampire plus size Gothic costume

You're not limited by plus size Gothic costumes. Don't be limited by your imagination!

Can I create romantic Gothic costumes?

Gothic Romance

You know the type of book. Frightened heroine with or without heaving bosom. Big dark mysterious castle or mansion. Wealthy, mysterious hero who's either drop-dead or undead handsome or tragically, romantically disfigured. Constant warnings to not become a governess/marry the hero/set foot in the castle/drink the water.

Yes, we have Gothic romances, of which Dracula and Frankenstein are prime examples. You can be a literary couple in your own Gothic romance. Gothic plus size costumes are easily suitable even though couples are usually skinny in Gothic tales.

You can be a minister or mistress of darkness trying to fight the dark side and.or accept the terrifying supernatural curse upon you. A long velvet cloak and white dress or governess garb (high-necked dresses in plus size) create the ingenue effect for women. Plus size Victorian suits for the young unsuspecting man are the equivalent of ingenue horror and Gothic plus size costumes for women.

How about modern Gothic? Wear street clothes to the party and then don Gothic Halloween costumes plus size at the stroke of midnight, or whenever the party gets boring. Add recorded screams or wolf howls. Invite a few plus size Gothic temptresses a la Dracula. Will love conquer all, or surrender to the darkest dreams? Maybe the Phantom can win Christine this time.

The only danger, especially if you're a guy, is that you now have to admit reading cheesy Gothic romances!

How can I make a plus size monster costume?

Plus Size Monster Costume

Monsters are large and in charge. If you're not up for buying horror and Gothic plus size costumes because you think the prices are too monstrous, make like a mad scientist and create your own plus size Gothic effect. Some ideas:

* Bedsheets wound around you make great Gothic plus size mummy costumes! Don't forget scarabs and jewelry accessories.
* Theatrical makeup, vampire fangs, fake blood and an extra-large suit make a terrific alternative to store-bought vampire gothic plus size costumes.
* A skeleton mask and a long velvet Gothic plus size cloak create scare-ifying effects.
* Cat ears, cat makeup and head-to-toe black plus size clothing will have people running out of your path! Don't forget cat claws and fangs.

Your costume will be monstrous, but your costume budget doesn't have to be.

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