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How do I buy flame resistant costumes?

Buy Flame Resistant Costumes

Buy flame-resistant costumes or make them from flame-resistance material. Look for the markings on the label, box or material. To prevent clothing ignition, handmade costumes can be flame-proofed: dip fabrics into a solution of 2.5 mL warm water, 200 mL borax and 85 mL boric acid. Drip dry and iron. To preserve flame resistance, this must be repeated after each washing.

What are some tips dealing with children and Halloween safety?

Children and Halloween Safety

For Halloween costume safety children should wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes. Clumsy and heavy shoes and Mom's high heels contribute to sore feet, falls, spilled treats, and tears.

What are some tips for costume safety for costume accessories?

Costume Safety for Costume Accessories

For costume accessories, wigs, beards, whiskers and costume hats should be fastened securely and designed so that they don't get into youngsters' eyes, obscuring vision.

How do I go about fitting and sizing costumes?

Fitting and Sizing Costumes

When sizing costumes they should be lightweight and fit properly, yet large enough so that warm clothing can be worn underneath if it's cold outside.

What are some good rules for pedestrian safety for children?

Pedestrian Safety for Children

Walk, do not run, from house to house. Do not cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain itself can present tripping hazards for extra pedestrian safety.

What are some pedestrian kid safety rules?

Pedestrian Kid Safety

Practice pedestrian kid safety by walking on sidewalks, not in the streets. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic. Cross busy streets at intersections or crosswalks. Do not zig-zag across the street going from door to door .

Are there any good Halloween kid safety tips?

Halloween Safety Rules

One Halloween safety rule is that children and adults should wear seat belts. It is the state law. Have children get out of the car on the curb side, away from traffic.

How do I make Halloween masks and Halloween accessories safe?

Safe Costume Make-up and Costume Masks

Costume masks with narrow eye slits obscure a child's ability to see oncoming traffic, curbs, or obstructed pathways. Facial costume make-up is safer, more fun and more comfortable. If masks are worn, they should have openings for the nose and mouth, and large eye holes to allow full vision. Instruct children to wear the mask on top of the head when walking and pull it over the face only when they reach the destination.

Are there any additional Halloween safety tips I need to know about?

Additional Halloween Safety Tips

Keep family pets away while welcoming trick-or-treaters, so they will not frighten the children. People dressed in unique costume ideas may also scare or irritate animals.

What are some costume party safety tips to follow?

Costume Party Safety

If you are driving to a costume party, do not wear your costume masks while driving. Avoid wearing costumes and costume accessories that may constrict your arm or leg movements too.

What are the rules for pedestrian safety?

Pedestrian Safety

If you are driving around during trick-or-treating, slow down in residential areas. In the interest of pedestrian safety watch for children darting out from between parked cars.

What are some good bicycle and pedestrian safety ideas?

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Ideas

If children are using bicycles, they should adjust their costumes and use bicycle pant clips or other means to avoid contact with bike spokes. Bikes should have reflectors, a headlight and a horn or bell. Follow all appropriate traffic rules for bicycle and pedestrian safety.

What are some good suggested Halloween safety rules?

Suggested Halloween Safety Rules

Some Halloween safety rules may include giving children an early dinner or meal before they go out, so they won't be tempted to eat much of their candy or other treats before they get home.

What are some good ideas for Halloween safety and children?

Halloween Safety and Children

For Halloween safety and children, never allow children to travel alone or unsupervised. Young children should be accompanied by an adult or responsible older child. Set a time limit if children are old enough to go out with their friends. Know the names of the friends. Give coins and instruct children to call if there is a problem or if they will be late.

What are some safe and non-toxic costume make-up products?

Safe and Non-Toxic Costume Make-Up

When buying special costume make-up check for packages that are labeled "Made With U.S.Approved Color Additives," "Laboratory Tested," "Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics" or "Non-toxic." Most manufacturers list ingredients and/or chemical analysis on packages. Follow manufacturer's instructions for application and removal.

What are some good Halloween light safety tips?

Halloween Light Safety

Use light colors, decals or reflective tape for Halloween light safety so that kids are visible at night to motorists. Reflective tape can be purchased at most hardware stores and sporting goods stores.

How do I make sure you Inspect Halloween Candy?

Make Sure You Inspect Halloween Candy

Examine all treats carefully for unpackaged items, torn packaging, pinholes, off-color odor or questionable appearance when inspecting Halloween candy. Wash fruits and slice them into small pieces, checking for inedible additions. If anything is suspicious about the treats, report it to the police. When in doubt, throw it out.

When carving Halloween pumpkins what are some safety tips to follow?

Halloween Safety Tips When Carving Pumpkins

An adult should supervise or actually do the cutting of the pumpkin, since a sharp, pointed knife is needed. If carving a pumpkin is not appropriate, or if children are very young, one Halloween safety tip is that homemade or store-bought decals can be applied for facial features.

What are some more Halloween safety rules?

More Halloween Safety Rules

For Halloween safety, never enter cars, homes or apartments unless an accompanying adult approves.

What are some costume accessories safety tips?

Costume Accessories Safety

Swords, magic wands, and other costume props and costume accessories must be harmless and made from cardboard, plastic or other pliable material that will not cause injury if your child tumbles onto them. Never allow children to carry real knives or other sharp objects.

What are some Halloween costume safety tips?

Halloween Costume Safety

When designing or buying costumes, practice costume safety so that children can easily walk without tripping, entangling their feet or falling

Are there any good Halloween light safety tips?

Advice on Halloween Light Safety

Use a flashlight in jack-o'-lanterns for light. This is safer than a candle in case the pumpkin is knocked over, or if the flame comes in contact with costume decorations that could ignite and costumes that are not flame-retardant costumes.

Are there any more Halloween safety rules for kids?

More Halloween Safety Rules for Kids

For Halloween safety, stop only at houses or apartment buildings which are well-lit and/or clearly display that they are participating in trick-or-treat activities. Avoid darkened areas.

Should I accept homemade Halloween treats?

Homemade Halloween Treats

Wrap treats properly if they are homemade or loose. On homemade edibles, add your name to the package so parents will know where it came from when they are inspecting Halloween candy.

What are some good flashlights and Halloween light safety tips?

Flashlights and Halloween Light Safety

Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly for good Halloween light safety. Never allow anyone to walk using a flame for a light.

How do I go about inspecting Halloween candy?

Inspecting Halloween Candy

If you are going to go about inspecting Halloween candy, insist that candy and other edible treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten.

How do I go about finding safe trick or treat bags?

Finding Safe Trick or Treat Bags

Costume trick or treat bags carried by children should be light-colored or trimmed with reflective tape or decals if children are outside after dark.

What do I need to know about Halloween kid safety?

Halloween Kid Safety

Before going trick-or-treating, plan and discuss the route the kids intend to follow. Let them know they should only go into familiar neighborhoods and choose well-lit streets for the best Halloween kid safety guide.

What are some good trick or treat safety tips for neighbors and parents?

Trick or Treat Safety for Neighbors and Parents

For trick or treat safety, pick up tools, ladders, playthings, sprinklers, trash containers, or other objects in the yard so children won't trip over them. Also keep a light on so it's easy to see stairs and steps. It will also signal that you welcome trick-or-treaters.

Are there any Halloween safety tips and pedestrian safety tips to follow?

Halloween Safety Tips and Pedestrian Safety

To exercise pedestrian kid safety, avoid running out from between parked cars. Watch for cars entering and exiting driveways. And avoid any horseplay, pushing and shoving when walking close to street traffic.

What are some good Halloween safety rules to follow?

Halloween Safety Rules

Review thoroughly with children all appropriate trick or treat safety tips, including pedestrian and traffic safety rules.

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