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What are the different flowers that make up a Hawaiian leis?

April Showers, Lei Flowers

You can add all the colors of the rainbow to your hula clothing, starting with the Hawaiian lei. Pair your grass skirts with floral headbands, wrist banks, and anklets. You'll find leis for your hula costume that include all your favorite tropical blooms, including: * Hibiscus * Orchids, including dendrobium * Bougainvillea * Plumeria Leis aren't just for your luau attire. You can decorate the grass-skirted tables with them.

What accessories will make my hula dancer costume spectacular?

Hula Dancer Accessories

You can jazz up your grass skirts. Try a headband or bracelet made of flowers like a Hawaiian lei for a spring or summertime hukilau festival, and don't forget the ankle bracelets. You might also add a party parasol to your hula luau costume, or a floral hair clip. Don't think you have to wear a coconut or seashell bikini top as essential luau attire. You can wear a bikini top and grass skirt as your entire luau clothing. Don't forget the Don Ho ukulele.

Other than a surfer dude oufit, what luau costumes can men wear?

Male Luau Costumes

Both men and women wear the Hawaiian lei and grass skirts, so those are luau costume essentials. Hawaii still celebrates its heritage and the old island gods. One of the most famous is Kamapua'a, the Hawai'ian trickster god who wooed and won Pele, Goddess of the Volcanoes. If you're a man wearing luau attire, you can dress as a luau dancer playing the part of Kamapua'a. Kamapua'a is depicted as wearing a crown of leaves and wearing an amulet. His symbol is the pig, since according to legend he can transform into a wild pig. Buy a pig pin or necklace, or a tusk to hang around your neck with your Hawaiian lei. Pele traditionally wears a crown of flowers and a sarong or grass skirt. Your date can wear luau clothing and pretend to be a Hawaiian dancer playing Pele, since Pele is a patroness of the dance. Another idea is to dress as a Hawaiian chief with a ceremonial conch shell completing your luau costume. Or you and a guy pal can wear grass skirts while juggling tiki torches, since this is traditional entertainment at a luau. Just be careful when mixing fire and grass skirts!

Do grass skirts come in different colors?

Grass Skirts of Many Colors

Don't just settle for straw-colored grass skirts. Your luau clothing should be as colorful as tropical flowers. Once you've donned the Hawaiian lei, your grass skirt begs to be as bright and noticeable. You can choose a bright glossy green grass skirt. Or you might choose a natural look for your luau attire, paired with a coconut shell bikini top or, for the guys, a bare chest. Grass skirts can be dark green, or you can make your luau costume stand out with a neon green grass skirt.

Where can I find a Hawaiian luau costumes store online?

Hawaiian Luau Costumes Store

If you want to hold a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Luau costumes party, try these luau costume accessories and costume props: a lei, a grass skirt, Hawaiian dresses and surfer dude clothingwear, floral hair clips, a coconut bikini top, headbands and bracelets, as well as other luau decorations for your party. Become a typical Hawaiian tourist, a surfer dude, or a Big Kahuna this year for Halloween.

I think it would be fun to wear a tiki god mask with my costume, can I do that?

Tiki Mask

Opt for a plastic tiki mask with your Hawaiian lei and luau attire. Grab a mai tai and you'll look like a Hawaiian god ready to party. As with grass skirts, just be careful around the tiki torches. Don't try juggling tiki torches while wearing a mask. Your luau clothing may be breezy and comfortable, but your mask will get hot, especially if you're dancing around the barbecue pit. Make sure you have some slack in the band around your head, and take your mask off regularly. Otherwise, you may give off so much steam from your hula costume that people might mistake you for Mauna Kea about to erupt!

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