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How do I know if my child’s Anakin Skywalker costume or Darth Vader costume is the right size?

Right Size Costumes

When buying your daughter's Anakin Skywalker costume, light sabers not included, remember that kid sizes refer to the specific size and not to the child's age. The Darth Vader costume, like the Anakin Skywalker costume, is a fitted costume with shirt and top. The Anakin Skywalker costume comes in Medium and Large, while the Darth Vader costume comes in Small, Medium and Large, except for the deluxe Darth Vader costume, which only comes in Large and includes a light saber. * Small: Corresponds to child sizes 4-6 and fits children 3-4 years old. * Medium: Corresponds to child sizes 8-10 and fits children 5-7 years old. * Large: Corresponds to child sizes 12-14 and fits children 8-10 years old. The Episode 3 Child's Darth Vader Costume Playset only consists of a tunic, cape and helmet, but does include a light saber. This costume fits most children.

How do I keep my Darth Vader mask from becoming too hot or uncomfortable?

Revenge of the Plastic

When Anakin became Darth Vader, he went over to the Dark Side of apparel. You may need the Force to be with you when wearing your Darth Vader costume. The plastic can become uncomfortable if worn wrong, making you want to challenge anyone wearing an Anakin Skywalker costume to a duel of light sabers. But before you wield your light saber against your mask or people wearing other Star Wars costumes, follow a few common sense tips. * For the adult and the child costume, make sure there is plenty of breathing room inside the mask. There is a reason why Vader breathed that mechanical way! You can cut holes in the nose to allow better ventilation. * As always, make sure you or your child can see out of the eyeholes. * Unlike Vader, you can take off your helmet and reveal your identity. Do so regularly. * When you do take off your mask, drink plenty of fluids so you don't feel dried out. Insist that your child also drink lots of fluids. * Keep your skin moist by putting moisturizer or baby oil on your face and your child's face. Use a light layer so the mask doesn't stick to your face.

How can I accessorize my Star Wars costumes?

Accessorizing Star Wars Costumes

There are many ways to accessorize your Star Wars costumes. You can buy light sabers for several of the star wars costumes, or just for fun around the house. If you want to combine a Darth Vader costume with a Darth Maul or Watto mask, the sky's the limit. Your child can create an eerie effect by buying a Darth Vader mask and cape to pair with the Anakin Skywalker costume, or just choose Darth Vader gloves. Your child and you can choose a Darth Vader or an Anakin Skywalker light saber. Just use common sense when mixing and matching costumes. We can't be responsible for the consequences if you go out wearing a Jar Jar Binks mask!

What kind of batteries do the Drath Vader and Anakin Skywalker light sabers take?

Light Saber Batteries

In the Star Wars Universe, the Force powers light sabers. But here in the mundane world far far away, you need a less mystical power source for the accessories you use with your Star Wars costumes. Your child's Anakin Skywalker costume will be ultra-cool with a light saber, unless the light saber doesn't light up. Your Darth Vader costume won't be as fearsome if your light saber suddenly runs out of power. The batteries aren't included with the Episode III light sabers. Three “AAA” batteries power your light saber. May the Force of Duracell be with you!

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