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How do I make baby costumes safe during Halloween?

Safe Baby Costumes

From the day he first gurgled, you knew your life would never be the same. Constant joy and constant worry...especially with studies trying to scare you about the latest child danger. You may worry about taking your baby out on Halloween night. Will the costume be bright enough? Will people be able to see you and your baby in the dark? What if your baby is on the floor during a party? Some hints for a safe and happy Halloween: * Only let your little baby bunting in a Sugar Babies infant costume lie by himself in an area just for infants. If he's on the floor, he won't be able to pull himself to safety, and that's not the fault of the baby Halloween costume. He may not have learned to crawl yet. * If you must be out at night, choose colorful infant Halloween costumes such as Tigger, a Snow White Ballerina or Cinderella ballerina, or Superman. A fairy infant costume has glitter. Put reflective tape on the wings. * Take your baby boy out in his baby Halloween costume with your younger children. The ideal time for going out is just after dinner, before dark. You have enough to worry about (and be happy over) in the years ahead. Don't waste Halloween happiness fretting over the safety of an infant toddle Halloween costume.

How do I save money on Halloween costumes for babies?

Baby Halloween Costumes for Less

Does your baby really need that stuffed elephant (she likes to play with boxes) or Tigger infant costume (he has a bedroom decorated with Tigger)?

You want to buy infant Halloween costumes, but you're feeling strapped for cash. If you have several costumes to buy, you might be able to save money on your little girl's infant fairy costume. For example, a pair of fairy wings attached to that party dress is perfect for your little angel. Give her some jewelry her sister has outgrown.

If your little boy or girl wants a spider baby Halloween costume, sew some old socks to a “onesie” and use stockings for legs and arms. Buy some gossamer stuffing and drape “spiderwebs” all over your infant costume. Use headband antennae to complete the effect. You can build a costume entirely out of accessories and some old clothes.

If you do decide to buy an infant costume, shop around for sales. Online retailers always post sale items. Many infant costumes are affordable, usually in the $7-$10 range. You love your kids, and while you might not have an endless bank account, you're forever happy with your personal wealth. Especially when your children smile at you.

What ideas do you have for toddler costumes?

Ideas For Toddler Costumes

Looking for ideas for toddler costumes? Toddler costumes run the gamut from charming to sophisticated. This is our list of fun ideas for the Halloween season:

  • For the budding space explorer, dress your toddler up as an astronaut with a helmet and NASA spacesuit.
  • For your mini knight in shining armor, let him battle dragons with a sword and a faux chain mail armor costume.
  • If your tot wants to take on the high seas, dress her up as a pirate with boot covers, bandana for her hair, and a black and white dress.
  • If your toddler is ready to do her best performance of Swan Lake this Halloween season, dress her up in ballerina slippers and a layered tulle dress with a crown.

How quickly will my baby outgrow her costume?

Baby Costume Sizes

Before you know it, your bouncing baby will be a jumping toddler and a rollerblading teen. But you don't need to worry that the Tootsie Roll baby Halloween costume will become too small too rapidly. Your baby won't start to look like chocolate bursting out of the wrapper until she's twelve months old. Generally, some infant Halloween costumes are sized for newborns under six months, such as bunting costumes, and some for toddlers up to 24 months. Your baby isn't supposed to outgrow her costume too rapidly. If your baby has a lot of “baby fat,” you may have to have the costume altered, but babies usually lose that adorable plump-cheeked look as they grow. If you're buying a fairy infant costume from an Internet retailer, check the sizing chart and general size guidelines. If you're not sure about the costume, do some scouting offline. Ask about the sizing of your niece's infant toddler Halloween costume, especially if she's the same age as your baby. Kids grow up too fast these days, but at least you can make sure your little baby bunting won't outgrow his infant costume before it's time.

Can my six-month-old wear a costume with legs?

Baby Costumes With Feet

Babies don't mind being cuddled close or staying still. It's only when they grow older that you can't keep up with them! Infant Halloween costumes for newborns and babies up to six months are designed for babies who like to lie around, be carried or ride in a stroller. The bunting “onesie” baby Halloween costume looks like swaddling, so your baby elephant won't actually jump up and trumpet since his costume doesn't have legs. When your baby starts to kick her infant costume the way she kicked when you were pregnant, it's time to move on to an elephant baby Halloween costume with legs, or a fairy infant costume. The rule of thumb is, if your baby can stand, it's time to retire the bunting baby Halloween costume. In the meantime, you can still enjoy cuddling your little lamb.

Is there a baby Elvis costume available for my infant?

Baby Elvis Costume

Think your baby is the next King of Rock? You can dress him up in a baby Elvis costume so he can be a rock star for Halloween. Your baby will be the star of the show in a satin jumpsuit with studded adornments, metallic belt, and cape. To take your baby Elvis costume one step further, add a miniature sized guitar and infant sized Elvis shades. Are you handy with a sewing machine? Hunt down the pattern and make your own version of a baby Elvis costume. Like it custom-made? Get a tailor to create the rock star costume for you. For those who like instant gratification, you can find several versions of the baby Elvis costume through retailers.

What infant costume safety tips do you have?

Baby Costume Safety

Dressing up your infant for Halloween can add to trick or treating festivities. Still, it's important to practice baby costume safety when dressing up your infant for Halloween. Here is our list of baby costume safety tips to follow:

  • Make sure your infant's costume doesn't include any binding or restrictive clothing.
  • Keep all small parts, and accessories away from your infant. Anything that might be a choking hazard should not be a part of your infant's costume no matter how cute or adorable the addition might be.
  • Don't use any masks and avoid using face paints on your infant.
  • If you'll be taking your infant out during trick or treating, make sure your stroller and you are highly visible. Use reflective tape if necessary to make yourself more noticeable.
  • Halloween costumes for your baby should be flame retardant. Check the label on your infant's costume.

Do you have suggestions for animal infant costumes for infants?

Animal Infant Costumes

If you're looking for animal infant costumes for your sweet babe, the possibilities are endless. From sea life to eight-legged crawling creatures, you'll have a heck of a time choosing between them all. These are our picks for some of the best animal infant costumes around.

  • What could be sweeter than an infant in a goldfish bunting complete with scales, fins, and bugged out eyes?
  • For the bounciest of babes, dress your little one up as a baby and mommy kangaroo.
  • It's got eight legs and tentacles too. It's a plush octopus Halloween costume for your infant.
  • If you can't slow your little tyke down, she'll be perfect for the monkey costume with matching stuffed doll.
  • With a bushy black and white tail and a white tuft of fur on his head to match, it's the cutest skunk Halloween costume around to dress your little one up in.

What are some Halloween costume ideas for my infant?

The Perfect Halloween Costume For Baby

If you want to get your littlest one dressed up for Halloween this year, you've got lots of costume options to choose from. From bunting costume options for newborns to cute attire for older infants, try one of our picks for the perfect Halloween costume for baby.

  • Dress your newborn cutie up in a peas in a pod bunting. Get two for twins and you'll be all set with your Halloween costume.
  • For the littlest infant with a red-hot personality, get a hot chilly pepper bunting.
  • For your little mischievous one, get a devil outfit with horns, cape, and a tail.
  • Go with the Halloween theme when you dress your little one up as a pumpkin for Halloween.

How do I clean my baby’s costume?

Baby Costume Cleaning

And you thought candy and caramel apples were the only food obstacles on Halloween. Your adorable baby may look sweet in his bunting lamb or lamb infant toddler costume, but watch out till he dribbles milk and baby food all over it! Many bunting infant Halloween costumes are plush and “spot clean only.” You may want to use gentle non-abrasive laundry spot remover. If your little princess has dribbled on delicate tulle, use a fine fabric cleaner and cold water. Often, a child Halloween costume will be dry-clean only. Before you have it cleaned, decide whether your child or a sibling will wear the costume again. If the answer is yes, the money is well spent. If not, retire or throw away the costume. Sometimes, an infant costume is machine washable. Check the label, or ask the costume seller before you buy. This is doubly wise if you're buying a baby Halloween costume online. Lastly, if you plan to feed your toddler before Halloween, use a bib and several towels, or schedule the feeding a half-hour before you get ready for a party or trick-or-treating. Enjoy not having to worry about sugar rush and your neighbor's horrendous-tasting cookies for several years more.

Can you give me ideas on an infant fairy costume for my baby?

An Infant Fairy Costume For Your Sweet Little One

Think your babe would look sweet as can be in an infant fairy costume? If you're set on dressing up your little one in an infant fairy costume, but short on ideas, read on for our suggestions on putting together your own infant fairy costume.

  • For the body, use a white or pale colored "onsie" in yellow, lavender, or pink.
  • For the skirt, add an infant tutu in a coordinating color. You can adorn the onsie and tutu with flowers for added charm. Make sure you attach the flowers securely and avoid any items which might be a choking hazard.
  • No fairy costume is complete without wings. You can purchase a small pair separately or make your own, using fabric and attaching it to the back and sleeves of the onsie.
  • Complete the fairy costume with a pretty infant headband and shoes.

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