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Can you give me some ideas for a costume I can create with costume masks?

Costume Masks For Your Halloween Costume

Costume masks are a great way to start creating your Halloween costume or dress up for a masquerade event. You can become any character, person, or creature with costume masks. For some Halloween costume ideas, take a look at our list.

Turn into your favorite movie character for a day with a costume mask. Want to be the movie character V from V for Vendetta ? Get the mask, add a wig, and a top hat. Add a slim black suit, black cloak, and knee high black boots. Finish your costume off with black gloves and a black belt over your suit.

Dress up as your favorite political figure or turn the costume into a satire. For Hillary Rodham Clinton, get the mask, add a conservative navy blue suit, throw on a white blouse underneath, and you're good to go.

Go ape with a gorilla mask. Add a gorilla costume for full effect or dress up as usual as a clothed version.

Other political costume masks include Nixon, Clinton, George Bush, and Cheney. For animal costume masks, coordinate the outfit with matching accessories. If you decide to go as a gorilla in dressed up attire, all you need is the gorilla mask, gorilla feet, and gorilla hands.

Can you give me some ideas for using wigs to create my Halloween costume look?

Halloween Costume Wigs

Got the costume look you're shooting for, but not the hair? It's simple and easy to use Halloween costume wigs to complete your ensemble. These are just a few Halloween costume wig ideas you can choose from to create your costume look.

For comb-over hair worth a million bucks, get a wig that's a dead ringer for Donald Trump. Finish off your look with a dark colored suit, red tie, dress shirt, and dress shoes. It also helps if you can bark out, “You're fired!”

Alias may have had its finale, but that doesn't mean you can't play agent Sydney Bristow. Get a long-haired wig, add incognito shades, a trench coat, high heels, and add a fake gun as your weapon.

If you want to play Marilyn Monroe, you have to have the right platinum blond hairdo. You can accomplish this by getting a Marilyn Monroe wig and a costume version of the infamous white halter gown. Don't forget to add the ruby red lipstick.

Shock jock Howard Stern calls for a wig with curly long black hair. Add a white t-shirt, black blazer, and dark pants. It also helps if you've got a very liberal vocabulary.

With the countless undercover operations Sydney Bristow took part in, you could choose any number of Halloween costume wigs to become her character. Choose from Halloween costume wigs like the international beauty, ultra glam wig, or Peggy Sue wig.

What are some ideas for Halloween costume accessories?

Quick Costume Accessories Ideas for Costume Party

If you want to be a clown this year, one idea on how to create a red clown nose would be to use an old, red rubber bal which can be cut and tied in place with string. Or you can cut one egg cup from an egg container (styrofoam container works best since it is round and smooth), paint red with acrylic or poster paints, and stick on the nose with a rolled-up bandage.

Can you tell me what costumes I can use with glove accessories?

Five Costumes With Glove Accessories

Glove accessories can be an essential part to a number of costume possibilities. With a little imagination, glove accessories can go a long way to complimenting your outfit. Here are five ideas for costumes with glove accessories.

  • Short White Gloves – Use short white gloves and an all black outfit and you can be a mime. Don't forget the white face paint, red lips, and eye make-up as well.
  • Long White Gloves – These glove accessories can be added to a tacky bouffant dress to turn you into a bridesmaid. Get a prom dress, add blood, and you can turn your costume can turn into Carrie, from the 1976 horror flick.
  • Studded Biker Gloves – Burn rubber as a Hells Angel. Put on studded biker gloves, a black heavy metal tee, add jeans, and put on a bandana.
  • Buzz Lightyear Gloves – What toy going to infinity and beyond is complete without his gloves? Get these glove accessories for any adult or child Buzz Lightyear costume.
  • Spiderman Gloves – For the web spinning superhero, Spiderman gloves are essential.

How do I care for costume masks?

Caring for Costume Masks

To strengthen and extend the life of your plastic Halloween costume masks, simply line the entire inside edge of the mask with duct tape or masking tape. For the best results, do this when the mask is new - before it cracks. The tape will reinforce the edges and reduce cracking.

What are some ideas for Halloween costume accessories?

Ideas for Halloween Costume Accessories

If you are not into the whole dress up scene, but you need something for a costume party, here are some quick and easy costume ideas. Many times the most original costumes are created from assorted accessories, like a fedora hat and a pair of square frame sunglasses create an instant Blues Brother. A pair of Billy Bob Teeth and a hill Billy hat. How about Devil Horns and a pitchfork. Costume accessories can be added to items from you existing wardrobe for easy inexpensive solutions to a costume.

How do I care for Halloween costume masks?

Care for Halloween Costume Masks

Most heavy weight plastic and latex Halloween costume masks are heat sensitive. This means they have the potential to warp if subjected to direct heat. If your latex mask is all warped and misshapen, you can fix and reshapen it by using a common household hair dryer. If you need to reshape your costume mask due to warping, or if you want to contour the costume mask in order to create a better fit, all you have to do is direct the heat of the hair dryer to the part of the costume mask that you would like to manipulate. The heat from the hair dryer makes the mask's material pliable and easily manageable; it can then be shaped easily by putting the costume mask in the desired shape and allowing it to cool completely.

"It's already Halloween and I need a costume idea!"

Stumped for Costume Ideas? Start with a Mask.

You know how it goes: You spend all year dreaming about the cool costume you're going to put together, and then before you know it, it's already October 30th and you don't have a thing to wear! Here's an idea to throw together a makeshift costume that doesn't look so makeshift.

First, grab any cool mask you can find at the local drug store or department store. Second, raid your closet for clothes to match.

Roll your old suit or dress around in dirt to get that zombie look with your ghoul mask, or toss on an old apron splashed with red food coloring and go as a crazy old butcher with the geezer mask you found.

It doesn't matter what the mask is. Chances are you've got something in the closet, attic, basement or garage that will turn it from a cheap costume into a genius one.

Can you give me some ideas on a scary Halloween mask?

Scary Halloween Mask

Halloween is a time to bring on the horror and gore. What better way to do that than get a scary Halloween mask for your costume? If you're trying to figure out what mask you should get, take a look at these petrifying ideas.

Michael Myers is a scary Halloween mask that is sure to draw chills. Add blue coveralls and a fake knife with blood to add to the fright factor.

He'll haunt you in your very worst nightmares. He's Freddy Krueger. Match this scary Halloween mask with a red and green sweater and black pants.

To play a truly horrifying character, get a Jason Vorhees mask from the movie Friday the 13th. Wear a dark shirt, matching dark pants, and put on leather gloves.

Add to the authenticity of a scary Halloween mask like Freddy Krueger with a fedora hat. If your scary Halloween mask of choice is Jason, add a machete as your prop.

Can you give me some ideas for using costume hats as an accessory?

Top Off Your Outfit With Costume Hats

Some Halloween outfits just wouldn't be complete without costume hats. To complete your look, take a peek at our picks for costume hats to perfect your Halloween look.

  • For a first year student at Hogwarts, no start of the school year would be complete without a Harry Potter sorting hat.
  • Want to play the Skipper from Gilligan's island? Get a yachting cap to top off your Halloween costume.
  • No swashbuckling buccaneer of the high seas would be caught without his pirate's hat.
  • Costume hats make the mobster. Whether you're playing one of the henchmen or the gangster's moll, you wouldn't be complete without your fedora hat.

Even kid's costumes can use costume hats to cap off their look. Choose from costume hats for kid's costumes like a military helmet for you budding soldier, a tiara for her royal highness, and an airline hat for your captain of the airplane crew.

Where can I find costume wigs and hats?

Christmas Santa Hats

For costume hats and ideas for Christmas hats, try these:

Royal Santa Hat: A Red Fluff Santa Hat With White Pile-Tuft Foldover Cuff.

Regency Santa Hat: Red Lux-Seal Santa Hat With White Fox Foldover Cuff.

Regal Santa Hat: Red Pile-Tuft Santa Hat with White Pile-Tuft Foldover Cuff.

Monarch Velvet Santa Hat: Lyons Velvet Santa Hat with White Fox Foldover Cuff.

Jester Santa Hat: 3 Point Velvet Santa Hat With Marabou Trim. Great For Elves and Santa's Helpers.

Reindeer Antlers with Santa Hat: Adorable Headband Antlers With Santa Hat.

Reindeer Antlers: On Headband. 20 Inches From Bottom Of Headband To Top Of Antler.

Do you have ideas for animal masks as costumes?

Take Your Pick From A Zoo Full Of Animal Masks

Animal masks can be a fun addition to a costume for all age groups. From animals on the farm to ones that are make-believe, animal masks come in all shapes and sizes. Here is our take on masks inspired by the wild kingdom.

  • Got three kids? Get three pig masks, dress them up in overalls and you have the three little pigs.
  • For the Big Bad Wolf who devoured Grandma, get a latex Halloween mask which comes with granny glasses and cap. Then put on a smock dress for the finishing touch.
  • What's white and black and huggable all over? A giant panda! Get this Halloween mask, dress in a white jersey with black sleeves and black pants, and then add a tag on the ear. You'll be an instant Beanie Baby.

What outfits can I create with costume accessories?

Create A Costume With Costume Accessories

Sometimes, all you need to create a costume are some items you already have on hand and costume accessories. To find some ideas you can create by purchasing a few costume accessories, read on.

Red Hot Devil – Buy costume accessories for your red hot devil, such as a pitchfork, horns, tail, and neckband. Put on your sexiest red cocktail dress, red heels, some fishnet stockings, and you'll turn up the heat in any room.

Queen Bee – To make a queen bee costume that'll have everyone buzzing, get bumblebee costume accessories like an antennae, striped bee body, and wings. Dress in black and add a crown and coordinating scepter to make your royal entrance.

American Idol Contestant – Think you can carry a tune that'll woo the audience or at least pretend like you could? Pick up an American Idol microphone accessory, dress in your best stage performance gear, and head out to entertain the crowd. Sing your heart out or carry a portable music player to pretend you can croon.

You can get your devil costume accessories as a complete kit or choose which piece best suits your needs. Choose from different variations of the devil costume accessories for pitchforks, horns, and more.

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