Scary Halloween Mask

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Can you give me some ideas on a scary Halloween mask?

Scary Halloween Mask

Halloween is a time to bring on the horror and gore. What better way to do that than get a scary Halloween mask for your costume? If you're trying to figure out what mask you should get, take a look at these petrifying ideas.

Michael Myers is a scary Halloween mask that is sure to draw chills. Add blue coveralls and a fake knife with blood to add to the fright factor.

He'll haunt you in your very worst nightmares. He's Freddy Krueger. Match this scary Halloween mask with a red and green sweater and black pants.

To play a truly horrifying character, get a Jason Vorhees mask from the movie Friday the 13th. Wear a dark shirt, matching dark pants, and put on leather gloves.

Add to the authenticity of a scary Halloween mask like Freddy Krueger with a fedora hat. If your scary Halloween mask of choice is Jason, add a machete as your prop.



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