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Can I dress in a funny animal costume?

Humorous Animal Costumes

Animals--they have their own channel and their own comedy show, "The Planet's Funniest Animals." Johnny Carson's best moments came from humorous animals. So if you decide to dress as an animal to get a few laughs, you're in good company. Some animal funny costume ideas:

* Circus lion with clown props (or fake severed hand sticking out of your mouth)
* Bunny funny costume that includes a giant foam carrot
* Chicken and turkey funny adult costumes
* Gorilla with giant banana
* Penguin a la "March of the Penguins"
* Bull and Bear--great funny Halloween costume ideas for avid investors
* Fly costume

Take a cue from your pets and become a party animal in dog or cat funny adult costumes. You might even get your own show!

Can I wear fun food costumes?

Funny Food Costumes

Garfield the Cat once quipped, "Some foods are funnier than others." Of course, funny or not, food usually disappears around Garfield. Just make sure no one at your Halloween party wears a Garfield costume when you dress in funny adult costumes. Now you can literally be what you eat. Dress as an apple or pear, like the Fruit of the Loom ads. Some other food and drink funny costume ideas:

* Banana, adult or child
* Cheeseburger or hot dog
* Beer keg or champagne
* Gingerbread Man or Oreo (white and black felt)
* Tootsie Roll or candy bar
* Cotton Candy--you can wear a pink beehive wig and dress in pink
* Swiss Cheese
* Ketchup or Mustard

Just don't dress as lasagna or anyone in a Garfield costume will eat you up! On second thought, Garfield eats anything, so your food funny Halloween costume ideas will make everyone hungry for more laughs as Garfield chases you around the house!

Can I wear funny doctor costumes?

Funny Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, so start your own health care plan with funny costume ideas. You can wear doctor-and-nurse funny adult costumes with fake hypodermic needles and clown accessories. Remember all those classic circus routines? Clown doctors and nurses. Laughing gas. Madcap medicine!

If you're in more of a naughty mood, try a gyneocological funny costume. While inappropriate behavior isn't funny, even Patch Adams as played by Robin Williams tried humor at a gynecological convention. Just make sure everyone behaves responsibly--funny Halloween costumes don't seem so hysterical when you remember that you actually tried to play doctor under the influence of alcohol.

You can enjoy laughs from your funny Halloween costume ideas when you're sober and polite, if a little wacky. After all, the whole point of dressing as a comic doctor or nurse is to giggle at the things we don't like. You might cure everyone's spirits just by playing a doctor on TV, er, at the Halloween party. Now that's a health care plan we can all agree on.

What kind of "gag" costumes can I wear?

Joke and Gag Costumes

You were always known as the class clown and you've even started doing local comedy clubs. It's no surprise that you've dreamed up funny costume ideas that play on your favorite gags at the home and the office. But will your wacky sense of humor go too far? Not so. Joke and gag funny adult costumes bring humor when everyone else brings horror. Some of our favorite former class clown funny Halloween costume ideas:

* Whoopie Cushion
* Dribble Glass--wear a round plastic cylinder and sprinkle confetti any time anyone tries to "drink"
* Toilet--although you're not known for toilet humor
* Keystone Kop or bumbling security guard costume
* Clown costumes, of course!
* Peanut brittle can full of snakes--don a fancy patterned shirt and black pants with plastic snakes hanging from your belt and/or taped to your shirt.

You always got laughs in class--even the teacher smiled. But this time you don't have to worry about detention or getting sent to the principal's office. Just worry about perfecting your stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show"!

What are some ideas for funny Halloween costumes?

Ideas for Unique Halloween Costumes

Here are some ideas for crazy costumes, funny Halloween costumes, strange costumes and unique Halloween costumes: a perky viking girl, a couples costumes as a wall plug and socket outlet, a big kahuna, an oversized biker, a bowling ball, a pack of cards, a joker card, a king of spades card, a queen of hearts card costume, a Christmas tree, a cheeseburger, a banana, a Campbell's soup can, a hot dog, a chili pepper, a gingerbread man, a hot sauce bottle a ketchup bottle, a mustard bottle, a sports referee, a SPAM can, a hoopla wacky tourist, a martini glass costume, an oversized bathing beauty hag, a mccrackin plumber, a scary tree, a tissue box, a sumo wrestler, a traffic light costume, a wet t-shirt winner, a woopie cushion costume or a turkey costume.

Can I wear funny political costumes?

Funny Political Costumes

Political satire--it's the world's third oldest profession. It's the reason Jon Stewart and "Saturday Night Live" rule late-night TV. Johnny Carson did dead-on Ronald Reagan impressions. Political humor inspires funny Halloween costume ideas. Everyone will laugh if you dress as a Democrat donkey (the "Shrek" Donkey costume works well) or a Republican elephant.

With political masks, you have built-in funny costume ideas. Just be sure that your attire matches your funny costume mask. Might we suggest:

* Duck hunter's outfit (or a waffle costume) with a mask of Senator John Kerry
* President Clinton mask with Big Mac or French Fries funny costume
* Senator Ted Kennedy mask paired with Breathalyzer or Beer Keg funny costume

And to honor our current president, you can wear a George W. Bush mask with a classic cowboy costume for this Texan--it worked for President Reagan funny Halloween costumes in the 1980s. That's not so much a humorous idea as a patriotic one. But even our President pokes fun at himself. That's the best kind of political humor--laughing at ourselves in funny adult costumes.

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