Funny Food Costumes

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Can I wear fun food costumes?

Funny Food Costumes

Garfield the Cat once quipped, "Some foods are funnier than others." Of course, funny or not, food usually disappears around Garfield. Just make sure no one at your Halloween party wears a Garfield costume when you dress in funny adult costumes. Now you can literally be what you eat. Dress as an apple or pear, like the Fruit of the Loom ads. Some other food and drink funny costume ideas:

* Banana, adult or child
* Cheeseburger or hot dog
* Beer keg or champagne
* Gingerbread Man or Oreo (white and black felt)
* Tootsie Roll or candy bar
* Cotton Candy--you can wear a pink beehive wig and dress in pink
* Swiss Cheese
* Ketchup or Mustard

Just don't dress as lasagna or anyone in a Garfield costume will eat you up! On second thought, Garfield eats anything, so your food funny Halloween costume ideas will make everyone hungry for more laughs as Garfield chases you around the house!



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