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Do you have any safety tips for dog Halloween costumes?

Dog Halloween Costume Safety

Dressing your canine up in a dog Halloween costume this year? Although costumes are all in good fun, it's best to follow some dog Halloween costume safety tips to make sure you canine and everyone around her stays safe.

  • Walk your pooch in her dog Halloween costume while there's still light out if you can. It's easier to make sure she stays away from choking hazards like candy wrappers and other treats left out on the ground.
  • Your canine might look absolutely adorable to you, but remember that even dogs in the cutest Halloween attire can still frighten young children and vice versa. Keep your dog on a leash even if she's dressed up for Halloween.
  • If you decide to dress your pooch up in Halloween attire, keep her supervised. Wearing a costume can become a choking hazard if any parts like the elastic come loose and she decides to make a meal of it.

How do I measure my dog for a costume?

Measuring For A Costume For A Dog

If you're getting Fido a costume for Halloween or any other event, it's best you measure him to make sure he's not walking around in ill-fitting wares. A costume for a dog should be a fun addition for your pooch, but should not be binding, restrictive, or uncomfortable in any way. Always check the manufacturer's specifications for weight, collar size, and length requirements when buying a costume for a dog.

  • When measuring your dog's collar size, take a soft tape measure and wrap it loosely around your dog's neck. You should have enough slack to fit two fingers underneath.
  • If you don't have a soft tape measure, a length of string will do. After placing the string around your dog's neck, you can place it against a yardstick or ruler to judge your dog's collar size.
  • To get the length of your dog, measure a horizontal distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Can I get my pet a costume as a Disney character?

Disney Pet Costume

If you're a fan of Mickey and Minnie, you might have thought about getting a Disney costume for yourself. But did you know you can get a Disney pet costume for your dog? Besides the traditional Disney pet costume of Mickey and Minnie, you can also find contemporary characters such as the family pet costume inspired by the hit 2004 animated Disney film, The Incredibles . For fans of the hit swashbuckler Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean , get your pooch a pirate costume. Did you love Peter Pan ? Dress your canine up as Tinkerbell.

How can I include my dog in the festivities for Halloween?

Get A Pet Costume For Your Pooch

Why shouldn't your furry canine friend join in on the fun for Halloween this year? Get your dog a pet costume so he can be part of the festivities. Available from most costume shops, you can dress your canine friend as an action packed superhero character or as a lasso-wielding cowboy. For dogs who would prefer to go without an entire ensemble, you can fit him with a pet costume accessory instead. And pet costumes aren't just for Halloween either. Pick up something for your pet's birthday, Christmas time, or another party event.

Related Tip: Whether you have a budding canine Superman or Wonder Woman, has a character pet costume in all sizes for your dog. If you're in the market for pet costume accessories, can supply your pooch with a hat for your canine lady in waiting or a collar for your four-legged jester.

What dog outfit do I put my pooch in for a wedding?

Dog Outfit For the Wedding

Folks these days don't want to leave their canines out of the wedding. For such a dressy affair, what dog outfit do you put your pooch in for the wedding? If the affair is formal, you can get a tuxedo for Fido and a bridesmaid dress for FiFi. One upscale London pet retailer will provide you with a formal dog outfit for your ceremony. PetLondon sells dog tuxedos complete with a fancy white shirt, black overcoat, bow tie, and top hat for 20 pounds, the equivalent of about $40. If you're looking for a bridesmaid dress, you can find a silk and lace version for 100 pounds or about $20

Is there a Halloween costume event I can take my dog to?

Canine Halloween Costume Event

Is your pooch getting all dressed up for Halloween, but has nowhere to go? Get yourself and your dog to a Canine Halloween Costume event! If you're in the Southern California area, take your canine to the 6th Annual Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade on October 29th in Long Beach at Livingston Park. Twelve blocks of space have been dedicated to this annual fundraising event. For 2006, this Canine Halloween costume event hopes to raise money to help homeless and shelter animals by donating to Operation Santa Paws. The parade festivities include a best costume contest, a bulldog kissing booth, floats, and the participation of numerous vendors. Last year, there were over 500 dogs in attendance and over $10,000 raised for charity. For more information on this fundraising event, go to

Is there a Superman pet costume for my dog?

Get A Superman Pet Costume For Your Superhero Pooch

If your canine runs faster than a speeding bullet, or at least he thinks he can, he'll be perfect for a Superman pet costume. The Superman pet costume comes available as an officially licensed Superman product made of stretch polyester. A bright red cape attaches to his underside, false arms hang at the front, and pants fit over your dog's front legs. If you happen to have any doggy mishaps, you can hand wash the costume in cold water so your beloved best friend can be the dog of steel another day.

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