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Do you have any ideas for child costumes you can make?

Child Costumes To Make For Creative Types

For those with a creative hand and gift for design, there are a number of child costumes you can make yourself. If you need some ideas, take a look at our list of child costumes.

For the girl who has lost her sheep, make a Little Bo Peep costume. Make a print skirt with a ruffled hem. Layer a crinoline beneath for volume. Add a ruffled white blouse on top. Add sheer white fabric to create a ruffled collar and edging at the sleeves. Attach a tie bodice and apron at the waist. Purchase a shepherd's staff and decorate with pastel ribbons. Complete the look with a hat covered in fabric to match the print skirt.

If your boy has been eating his spinach, dress him up as Popeye. For the top, make a black short-sleeved sailor's shirt with a red collar. Add blue trim at the sleeves. Coordinate blue pants with a white belt. Add a white sailor's cap to finish off the homemade costume. For an accessory, give your child a can of spinach to carry with him.

Your little boy or girl can dress up as a hobo. Make an oversized jacket and matching pants. Add patches to add a worn effect to the homemade costume. Don't forget, every hobo has to carry his wares with him. Accessorize with a stick and large sheet stuffed with paper.

What masks can children choose?

Children's Halloween Masks

Boo! It's Frankenstein. It's a voodoo sorcerer. No—it's your child in a mask. You've already made sure the Darth Vader mask for a Star Wars kid costume fits correctly. But what about your son's puppy dog child Halloween costume mask? Here are same mask-tastic hints: * Unless you want your kids' eyes to bug out like Jim Carrey's, make sure the child costume mask fits right and the eyeholes are large enough. * Consider buying kid Halloween costume half-masks or masks with moving mouths for better comfort. After all, you don't want your child to be quiet because the mask is cutting off her oxygen. * Soft plush kid costume masks should be brushed so they don't get matted or tangled. * If your child is wearing a hat, move the child costume mask lover down on the forehead or stretch the witch's hat band over the little witch kid costume mask. Your child can now scare you, act heroic or charm you with cuteness, and unless you're wearing a mask, you won't be able to hide a smile.

What do I need to put together a Pinocchio costume?

Dress Your Child Up As Pinnochio Character Costume

A Pinocchio character costume will be a real crowd pleaser for any child ham. To put together a Pinocchio character costume for your child, get a pair of dark shorts and matching suspenders. Top off the character costume with a white short-sleeved shirt that buttons down the front. Get a light-colored fedora hat and add your own feather for an extra touch. To turn the character costume into a real puppet, use a Dremel to drill two fine holes into the ends of two thick dowels. Notch one of the dowels at the center to connect the two pieces perpendicular to each other with glue. Insert thick gauge thread into each of the four holes, and secure with glue. Attach the ends of the thread to the sleeves and shorts of your child's character costume. For the feet of your child's character costume, simple brown shoes such as oxfords will do. And of course, no Pinocchio character costume would be complete without a prosthetic Pinocchio nose.

Can you tell me how to put together a black cat costume for my child?

Putting Together A Black Cat Costume For Your Child

With Halloween around the corner, you might be thinking about putting together a costume for your child. If you want to put together a cat costume for your child, here's how.

  • You'll be dressing your child up head to toe in a black outfit. You can use a black turtleneck and cotton pants or a black leotard and black leggings.
  • Get a plain black tube sock. Stuff with cotton and sew to the back of your pants just below the waist for the tail.
  • To make the ears for the black cat, cut out four felt triangles. Sew two triangles together for one ear and repeat with the second set. Sew each ear to a wide black stretch fabric headband.
  • For the whiskers, get black face paint to add to your child's face.
  • Add black shoes to the cat costume and your child is ready to trick or treat as a black cat!

Can you tell me what Power Ranger Costumes I can choose from?

A Power Ranger Costume For The Whole Gang

Got more than one child or a group of kids you want to dress up as a theme? Select a different Power Ranger Costume for each of them. Choose from four different collections. The newest versions are the Mystic Force costumes. Classic styles include the Power Rangers S.P.D., Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and Power Rangers Time Force. Power Ranger costume characters include red, blue, yellow, green, and pink Power Rangers. You can choose from standard and deluxe versions. If the costume sets aren't enough for your kids, add on costume accessories like communicators, boot covers, gloves, and weapons. There is a coordinating Power Ranger boot cover and glove for the different Power Ranger characters. For the family pet, there is a Power Ranger costume for him too.

Can you tell me about the different Batman costumes for kids?

Batman Costume For The Younger Caped Crusader

Got a Batman fan at home? If your child loves Batman, get him an outfit so he can become the superhero. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose from variations of the officially licensed Batman costume. Here are some Batman costume choices for you.

Get the Batman Begins playset for the budding crime fighter. Your child can play dress-up with a cape, chestpiece, batarangs, and mask. This $25 set works well for the shopper wanting to spend a bit less on the Batman costume for children.

Rather than getting the whole costume, you can get individual accessories as well. The Batman belt, Batman mask, and Batman Gauntlets are available child sized and retail for under $10 per piece.

The mid-priced Batman Begins costume retails for $30 and has a full costume with jumpsuit, cape, belt, and headpiece. The costume comes with printed muscle and belt details.

The all black Batman Begins muscle costume is the deluxe version and retails for $40. With this costume, you get a padded muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops, cape, and belt.

You can also get the older style Batman costume with molded chest for $35. This grey and black version comes with the padded muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops, and belt.

Want to go with the Batman Beyond version? For $30, you'll get a jumpsuit with attached wings, and Batman Mask.

What are ideas for kids Halloween costumes?

Ideas for Kids Halloween Costumes

Try these suggestions for children's Halloween costumes: a typical ghost, a scarecrow, a longhorn steer, a devil, a spaceman, a fireman, a fairy, a policeman, a clown, a pirate, a wizard, a cowboy or a cowgirl, an octopus, a tree, a king or a queen, a record player, a robot, a gingerbread boy, an angel, a butterfly, a rabbit, a frog, a firecracker, a dog, a cat, a witch or a black cat, an Indian or a dragon or monster.

What are ideas for children's Halloween costumes?

Storybook Characters

For storybook character costumes, try these original and unique but timeless kids Halloween costumes ideas: Mother Goose, Little Bo Peep or her sheep, Little Boy Blue, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Snow White or her 7 dwarfs, Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, toy soldiers, elves, ballet dancers or other animals from various children's books.

What are kids Halloween costume ideas?

Creative Ideas for Trick or Treat Bags

Why not try matching the trick or treat bag with the kids Halloween costumes? Here are numerous ideas for trick or treat bags for children trick or treating: -Give a little old lady an old purse; -Little Red Riding Hood a picnic basket; -a doctor or nurse a medicine bag; -turn a costume prop into trick or treat bags by using Robin Hood's hunting bag as a natural goodie bag; -For other Halloween costume ideas, consider making the goodie bag from the same material as the costume; -sew a large tote bag from any fabric and sew appliques of Halloween symbols on it; -use a pillowcase; - use a garbage bag; -an old hat turned upside down with ribbon for a handle; -plant basket; -plastic containers and decorated with Halloween decals; - turn a milk container into a googies lantern by covering it with yellow self-adhesive vinyl, decorating it with strips of black vinyl, cutting a hole on the top for goodies. Make a handle from ribbon or cord inserted through holes punched near the top.

What Renaissance costumes are good for teenage guys?

Renaissance Costumes for Teenage Guys

You saw “A Knight's Tale” with Heath Ledger. You think knight armor is cool. But if you're not inclined to be gallant, what kid costume can you wear? While your date dresses in a Renaissance Queen of Nottingham child costume, you ponder dressing as Bill or Ted. But you don't have to. You can always go as Harry Potter dazzled by the Renaissance Enchantress while sensible Hermione keeps you grounded. There's another kind of knight...the Jedi Knight. You can dress in a Star Wars Kid Costume and wield a lightsaber. Those Renaissance chick costumes look like Natalie Portman's outfits anyway. Or how about posing as a black, er, dark knight with your Batcape and a medieval broadsword? Batman can do anything. Arrr matey, you can also be a pirate with pirate cutlass and booty. A pirate child Halloween costume is bold, daring and prime guy-wear. Now all you have to do is battle the Renaissance or pirate queen, because she's not going to play damsel in distress for you! So if you're not into heavy metal, you can still be the hippest medieval dude at the party.

What options do I have for dressing my child up in a Barbie costume?

Dress Your Child Up In A Barbie Costume

If you're thinking about dressing your child up in a Barbie costume, you have nearly as many choices as the doll itself. A Barbie costume comes in numerous variations. These are some of our favorite Barbie costume picks your little girl could dress up in.

Your girl will be swimming happily in the Barbie Mermaidia Shella Mermaid costume. This one-piece outfit, inspired by the Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia movie, comes in a vivid print with flared hem for the tail. To complete the look, you would need to purchase the wig separately.

Get out the ballerina shoes for the Barbie Swan lake costume. Layers of tulle, gloves, and a necklace make up this ballerina Barbie's costume.

Your little princess can become the Barbie Renaissance Princess. From head to toe, she'll be wearing an ensemble of pink and gold. The conical hat comes with a long veil and the pink dress comes with a layer of gold over the skirt and gold detailing at the sleeves.

Is it OK for teens to dress as gangsters and pirates?

Daring Costumes for Teens

Sigh. Everywhere you look, society tells you the video games, movies and TV shows you watch have negative effects, to say nothing of your music. You know you're not one of the problem kids. You're not in a gang and you're generally mellow. So why did your mom freak when you brought that gangster's moll kid costume (even though you're not a kid) home? After all, she saw “Chicago” three times. It's genetic for moms to worry. It's in the mom DNA. So if you dress as the pirate wench with a bare midriff, she might flash back to her own high school days when her mom screamed (or maybe didn't pay attention). Ask her about what she wore when she was a teen. If she brings out the bobby-soxer child Halloween costume with the poodle skirt and beehive, don't groan. It might even be fun to dress up like your mom. If you have your dangerous little heart set on a gangster moll child costume (you're not a child though), or a wrap-skirt Pirate Ruby kid Halloween costume (it's rated Teen though) with the black lace-up thigh boots, let your mom know that (a) you won't drink, (b) you won't drink and drive, and (c) if any guy gets ideas, you'll protect your buried treasure with a Tommy gun (also called a piano key in the Roaring 20s) or a pirate cutlass. After all, she only worries because she loves you. And you won't admit it to your friends, but you think hip-hop is juvenile.

What if my child wants to wear a Halloween costume all the time?

But Mommy, I Want to Wear It

Kids. You can't get them to dress for school, but they'll dress up at the drop of a fire chief's hat. What do you do if your child refuses to take off that Darth Vader Star Wars kid costume? What do you do if your little Belle or Jasmine wants to be a Disney Princess forever, and sleep in her child Halloween costume? At this point you probably want to don a Freddy Krueger mask and gloves. But don't be so quick to turn this into a horror movie scene. Some hints for not losing your Halloween cool: * What kids say and what they do are entirely different. Your child may cry about not wanting to go to school, but once she gets there she has a great time. So unless your child is sleeping in that jolly jester kid costume, you don't have anything to worry about. * Kids change their minds and outfits ten times a day. Five minutes after they your little girl puts on her Pooh Bear child costume, she may tear it off. * A kid Halloween costume isn't designed for continuous wear, any more than adult costumes are. Your child will ask for her nightie after an evening of tromping around at the school party or in the neighborhood. * Don't argue. Don't make it an issue if it's not one. Save your energy for more important discussions, such as putting a stop to nonstop candy eating. You can enjoy the sight of your firefighter, Renaissance queen or Tweety Bird. After all, Halloween is supposed to be fun, and kids are meant to be kids.

What are ideas for children's Halloween costumes?

Costume Trunk for Kids to Play Dress-Up

Spark your children's imagination by starting a dress-up box or trunk to provide opportunities for creative fantasy play and children's Halloween costumes. Here are a few ideas to fill up your trunk: a mustard-colored cape, a vest, an apron, old gloves, belts, hats, purses, costume jewelry, fake flowers and feathers, old adult-size clothing, any lone pieces of fabric or lace, fur boa, pom-pons, tassels, frames from old glasses, scarves, and other old clothing.

Are cowboy and Indian costumes still good for children?

Cowboy and Indian Costumes

Indian vs. Native American. You want to be respectful of everyone, but your child and her best friend want to dress up in a cowgirl and Indian princess kid costume set. Can you allow this as a parent? While it's up to you what child Halloween costume is appropriate, take a cue from your kids. They're having fun, not perpetuating racial stereotypes. Chances are your parents still watch movies with John Wayne, Audie Murphy and Roy Rogers...lest we forget, Kevin Costner has reawakened the Western genre. While it's your parental right to make sure your kid shows respect for others, there are times when adults just need to lighten up and let a boy wear that Indian chief kid Halloween costume, or a Ride ‘EM Cowboy child costume. It's OK for your young marshal to flash a sheriff's badge and for his Native American/Indian friend to roughhouse—as long as they keep it friendly and playful. If you're still not comfortable, how about if your ten little Indians chase a child in a storm trooper Star Wars kid costume? Somehow, Star Wars seems to be safe.

Can you give me easy to make Halloween costume ideas for kids?

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas To Make

Need some Halloween costume ideas for kids? Whether your children are going trick or treating or to the neighborhood Halloween party, take a look at some of our easy to make Halloween costume ideas:

Starry Night - Get a black shirt and black pants in a smooth fabric. Get a package of glow in the dark stars and planets and attach all over your child's costume.

The Artist – For the artist, have your child wear a dark turtleneck or white button-down shirt and dark colored pants. Add a colored beret. Get or make an artist's palette and paint in several different colors. Dab colored paint on the palette in a circle and allow to dry. Add a paintbrush for an accessory and your child's costume is complete.

Bunch of Grapes – Have your child wear a dark or neutral colored outfit. Use multiple balloons in a light green or burgundy color. Blow up the balloons and attach to your child's outfit with safety pins.

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