Dress Your Child Up As Pinnochio Character Costume

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What do I need to put together a Pinocchio costume?

Dress Your Child Up As Pinnochio Character Costume

A Pinocchio character costume will be a real crowd pleaser for any child ham. To put together a Pinocchio character costume for your child, get a pair of dark shorts and matching suspenders. Top off the character costume with a white short-sleeved shirt that buttons down the front. Get a light-colored fedora hat and add your own feather for an extra touch. To turn the character costume into a real puppet, use a Dremel to drill two fine holes into the ends of two thick dowels. Notch one of the dowels at the center to connect the two pieces perpendicular to each other with glue. Insert thick gauge thread into each of the four holes, and secure with glue. Attach the ends of the thread to the sleeves and shorts of your child's character costume. For the feet of your child's character costume, simple brown shoes such as oxfords will do. And of course, no Pinocchio character costume would be complete without a prosthetic Pinocchio nose.



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