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Can we dress in "Star Trek" group Halloween costumes?

Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Those Kirk vs. Picard debates threaten to get out of hand. Get a life or get Blue Man Group Halloween costumes. If you can stand the heat, fire all phasers and go as the crew of the Enterprise for your Halloween costume idea group.

To "make it so" for your group Halloween costume ideas, you'll need bald headpieces for Picard, a toupee for Kirk (!), bowl and beatles haircut wigs for Spock and Chekov, Klingon, Ferengi and Borg masks, as well as those revealing 1960s miniskirts for females in the original crew.

You can buy Star Trek group Halloween costumes from your local costume shop, science fiction hobby shop, or online. Your continuing mission: to seek out a new group costume and boldly go where no Halloween party has gone before!

How do we dress as the Blue Man Group for Halloween?

Blue Man Group Halloween Costumes

You saw them at the Emmys. You love them in New York and Vegas--they're starting their run at the Venetian. No, we're not talking about Donald Trump and Melania or Megan Mullally from "Will & Grace." We're talking about the Blue Man Group.

Bands are always great group Halloween costume ideas. But you're too young and sober to be the Rolling Stones and you dressed as the Beatles (with Yoko Ono too) for your group costume last year. So for your Halloween costume idea group, select Blue Man Group Halloween costumes. It's easier than you think. You'll need:

* An hour's prep time--it takes that long for the performers to get in their group costume and makeup before a show
* Blue grease paint for faces--the Blue Men wear it because it never dries and always has that gooey look
* Black clothing
* Blue Man Group CD and a karaoke machine
* String instruments, drums, airpoles, and tubes
* Marshmallows, confetti, Twinkies, Cap n' Crunch, Jell-O® and paint to create impromptu works of art

While your friends don Donald Trump masks and mangle the theme song to "Green Acres," you can delight and entertain the audience with Blue Man Group Halloween costumes.

What food costumes can we wear as a group?

Food Group Costumes

You were always taught about the four basic food groups. Now amid all the confusion about the food pyramid, you fear your Halloween costume idea group won't be nutritionally sound. Relax! Thiis one time that you aren't what you eat. You can all dress in fast food group Halloween costumes such as Big Macs, shakes, French fries, ketchup and mustard, hot dogs, and burritos.

If you still feel nutritionally deficient, try dressing as cheese, milk, bananas, apples, soup and even celery--it's a sure bet no one else wants to be a vegetable on Halloween!

Crave chocolate but resist indulging? You can dress as M & Ms, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Bars, ice cream bars...even if you can't eat the Halloween candy your kids bring home, dressing up as chocolate is the next best thing!

Until the nutrition experts sort out the health guidelines, you're free to dress up in a food pyramid group costume, or not obey the rules at all. Unlike your diet, food-themed group costumes don't need to be restricted. You can look like a cheeseburger and be as healthy as your grade school teachers and your moms always taught you to be.

What kind of girl group Halloween costumes can we wear?

Girl Group Halloween Costumes

It's time for a girls' night out on the town and when the witching hour strikes, girls will let their hair hang down--no matter if it's a costume wig!

The girls just want to have fun with all-girl group Halloween costumes. Some of our favorite group Halloween costume ideas just for the ladies:

* Blue Man Group Halloween costumes--there are blue women too!
* Angels and she-devils
* Sexy and tough cowgirls
* Charlie's Angels or another female spy group
* Renaissance or Medieval women
* All-female bubblegum rock band
* Powerful women in history
* Powerful women today (dibs on dressing as Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush, Martha Stewart or Hillary Clinton!)

Women need a night together, dressing up, laughing, and letting loose just like women do. Get together with the women in your life and dream up some group Halloween costume ideas to share.

Should we wear Simpsons group costumes

Simpsons Group Costumes


Relax, Homer. If you get your masks in time and don't fool around like Chief Wiggum, your Simpsons Halloween costume idea group will be the only one at the party. Grab a Marge beehive hairdo, Krusty the Clown and Mr. Burns costumes, and adult or child Simpsons family group Halloween costumes--have the kids dress as Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Don't forget Milhouse, Otto the Bus Driver, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Apu, and Mr. Burns' right-hand flunky Smithers. Add a generous helping of Duffs Beer.

What are some great group Roman or Greek costumes?

Greek and Roman Group Costumes

If you've watched HBO's series "Rome," which just got renewed for a second season, you have a classical group costume idea. But don't stop at rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Dress in Greek group Halloween costumes as an alternative.

You can also wear Egyptian group costumes--don't forget Blue Man Group Halloween costumes, since the Blue Man Group has played Luxor in Vegas. Or try Arabian Nights group Halloween costume ideas.

If all your roads lead to Rome, however, you'll need:

* Cleopatra
* Spartacus
* Caesar
* Roman Gladiator
* Roman citizens in togas
* Noble Roman ladies and empresses
* Greek and Roman gods and goddesses

What are ideas for family costumes and group costumes?

Ideas for Family and Group Costumes

If you are interested in dressing up in theme costumes in family costumes and group costumes, try these recommendations:

  • Flintstone characters
  • Scooby Doo characters
  • 50's theme (Pink Lady & T Bird Jackets)
  • Wizard of Oz characters
  • Austin Powers theme
  • Village People
  • Simpson's characters.

What Halloween costumes are good for groups with kids?

Group Costumes with Children

You dread the sugar rush at Halloween as you dip into your children's candy bags--to test out the candy for safety, of course! But you know you'll all go to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating together, because any Halloween costume idea group is more fun with children. Kids love to dress up, and they'll enjoy being part of a Flintstones group costume or Blue Man Group Halloween costumes.

Make sure that whatever group Halloween costumes you choose are age-appropriate and safe for kids, with nonrestrictive masks and clothing. Some of our favorite group costumes with children:

* Animal Kingdom--baby elephant, infant monkey, toddler tiger, lion adult costume and gorilla adult costume
* Military--toddler Army soldier, child GI jumpsuit, Adult Marine and Adult Sailor
* Fairy and Elf--Adult Legolas, Adult Arwen, Teen Gothic Fairy, Child Emerald Fairy, and Christmas Elf
* Royalty--Adult Renaissance King, Adult Renaissance Queen, Child Barbie Princess, Child Prince costume, Child jester costume

Can we dress in Rocky Horror Group Costumes?

Rocky Horror Group Costumes

It was great when it all began..that Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween costume idea group. It can be great again. Let's do the Time Warp again with a Rocky Horror group costume!

Some Rocky Horror rules to remember when designing your sweet transsexual group Halloween costumes:

1) Remember plenty of water pistols, confetti, rice and toilet paper supples.
2) Pick gold lame, French maid, lingerie and butler group costumes for Dr. Frank-N-Furter's mansion as well as a fake hump bald wig headpiece (a la Ben Franklin) for Riff Raff.
3) Transylvanian space togs and power rayguns for the end of the movie!
4) Get your audience participation script!

There's a light at the end of the tunnel, so do the Time Warp again in your group Halloween costumes!

What space-themed group Halloween costumes can we buy?

Space-Themed Group Halloween Costumes

America has announced plans to go to the Moon and Mars once again. In honor of the space program, you have a Halloween costume idea group with astro-themed group Halloween costumes.

You can choose an astronaut costume, for kids as well as adults, plus Star Wars costumes and Star Trek costumes. Space...the final frontier...and don't forget the "Alien" and Roswell alien costumes.

Other people in your group might dress as Saturn and the Moon, stars, the Milky Way. Halley's Comet, a Black Hole costume...your group halloween costume ideas are limited only by the reaches of space.

What are some great Halloween costume group ideas for guys?

Guy Thing Halloween Costumes

When the ladies aren't around, the men will pretend they don't care, because, after all, you need a night with the buddies, right? But you'll all be looking to impress the ladies, so pick group Halloween costumes that won't embarrass you and your pals. You pronbably have a hysterical idea for a Halloween costume idea group. If it involves sperm, beer kegs or toilets, forget it. Too "Animal House"!

We have some group Halloween costume ideas that will allow you to let loose and still attract smiles. Our group costume suggestions:

* Blue Man Group Halloween costumes--you know you love 'em.
* Band of pirates--you can argue over who gets to be Johnny Depp.
* US Military, Civil War, minutemen, and historical military men such as samurais.
* Vampire barbershop quartet.
* 50s greasers with leather jackets.
* The Beatles or the Rolling Stones.
* US Presidents, or great men in history.

Have fun with your posse, hang loose, and be self-assured in your all-male group Halloween costumes.

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