Group Costumes with Children

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What Halloween costumes are good for groups with kids?

Group Costumes with Children

You dread the sugar rush at Halloween as you dip into your children's candy bags--to test out the candy for safety, of course! But you know you'll all go to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating together, because any Halloween costume idea group is more fun with children. Kids love to dress up, and they'll enjoy being part of a Flintstones group costume or Blue Man Group Halloween costumes.

Make sure that whatever group Halloween costumes you choose are age-appropriate and safe for kids, with nonrestrictive masks and clothing. Some of our favorite group costumes with children:

* Animal Kingdom--baby elephant, infant monkey, toddler tiger, lion adult costume and gorilla adult costume
* Military--toddler Army soldier, child GI jumpsuit, Adult Marine and Adult Sailor
* Fairy and Elf--Adult Legolas, Adult Arwen, Teen Gothic Fairy, Child Emerald Fairy, and Christmas Elf
* Royalty--Adult Renaissance King, Adult Renaissance Queen, Child Barbie Princess, Child Prince costume, Child jester costume



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