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What kind of biblical costume accessories can I get?

Biblical Costume Accessories

Biblical costumes can include Roman soldiers, shepherds, townspeople, priests, and angels. Sometimes, a Biblical costume you get might not have every item you need to make your outfit complete. In that case, look to get some biblical costume accessories to put the finishing touch on your ensemble. Here are some ideas for biblical costume accessories.

  • For a Roman Soldier, add a leather or vinyl armband at the wrist with a lace-up closure.
  • A corded rope belt can be used for everything from a priest's costume to a white-gowned angel.
  • Use a cloth headdress with a braided headband for a shepherd's costume or for biblical townsfolk.
  • Virtually every biblical costume could use leather or vinyl sandals which wrap around the leg.
  • What shepherd's costume is complete without a shepherd's crook? You can also add this biblical costume accessory to a Jesus costume.

Can you give me some ideas for a Jesus costume?

Variations On A Jesus Costume

Need a Jesus costume for a church play? The key to dressing up in a Jesus costume is believability with some familiar elements. Here are some variations on the Jesus costume for you to try.

  • Dress up in a plain white robe. If you're indoors, you can forgo the shoes and go barefoot. Add a shoulder length dark haired wig if your real hair won't do.
  • Start with a white robe as your base. Add a solid colored sash thrown over one shoulder. Leather sandals will work for the feet.
  • Dress up as Jesus before he was nailed to the cross. Have a white tunic hanging from your waist. Add a crown of thorns for your head. For added effect, use makeup to add scars on your body simulating wounds.

What biblical costumes did common people wear?

Common religious costumes

Common religious biblical costumes were very basic. For men, shirts with simple rectangles folded over and a bound neck hole with openings on the sides for arms. A simple button and loop to hold it closed. Fabrics would be white, off white - cotton or linen, or a simple stripe that looked hand woven. This was worn with baggy pants cut from a wide rectangle. Women could wear pants like the men's or harem pants, with a tunic, under a longer, looser tunic and maybe a coat. Women's tunics had "angel" sleeves. The key for women's clothing is to have layers. Children's biblical costumes are the same as the adults. One exception to this is that the kids biblical costumes are not layered as much as the adults.

Can you tell me how to make some props for biblical characters?

Make Your Own Religious Costume Props

Biblical characters often call for religious costume props. For some ideas on how to add religious costume props to your biblical characters, take a look at our how-to suggestions.

Samson – For this strongman, create a pillar which appears to be broken using corrugated cardboard. Cut the edge perpendicular to the lines of the corrugated cardboard in a zigzag fashion so the column will appear broken. Roll the cardboard and tape the inside with duct tape to hold it together. Glue a square piece of Styrofoam to one end as the base of the column. Spray paint the column to be entirely white and allow it to dry.

Moses – Cut out a plaque of the Ten Commandments with thick Styrofoam. Spray paint the Styrofoam with grey paint and use a marker to write out the text.

David – For the boy who slew the giant Goliath, make a faux slingshot. Cut a thick “Y” shaped sling out of heavy cardboard. Create two holes with a hole puncher or penknife at both edges of the “V” portion of the cardboard slingshot. Connect a few thick rubber bands to create the sling and attach through the holes of the sling.

What jewelry should Queen Esther wear?

Queen Esther Jewelry

Unlike your Hamans in their children's religious costumes, Queen Esther only has her faith to protect her. Well, that and the love of a King. So all you Queen Esthers, when you're dressed in Renaissance ball gown Purim costumes, you don't need too many accessories--just the dress and the crown.

A little pale makeup with some shadow tint will help you get that hollow look during your fast. But should you wear jewelry while you're saving the Jews?

According to legend, Queen Esther, as a Queen candidate, wore only her Star of David or a similar star necklace, so Queen Esther kids Biblical costumes or adult Biblical costumes shouldn't be heavy on the bling. Queen Esther actually gave King Ahausuerus the star necklace during her first date with him. The excellent novel HADASSAH: One Night With the King has a terrific vivid portrayal of Esther and her costumes.

So wear star necklaces with religious costumes during Purim and be a queen with full confidence and faith.

Can you give me some guidelines to put together biblical costumes?

Ideas For Biblical Costumes

If you're looking for costumes with a biblical theme, we've got ideas for you to put together a religious ensemble. Whether you're looking for biblical costumes for Halloween or another event, get started with our list of ideas.

Start your creation of biblical costumes with the basics. For ordinary townspeople, you'll need layered robes, a length of fabric for the headdress, and sandals for footwear.

For a biblical costume as Jesus, you'll need a dark colored wig. Get one with a middle part, shoulder length and a slight wave for a recognizable effect. For clothing, get a plain floor-length robe. You can add a crown of thorns and a dark colored sash.

To dress as a shepherd, start with a plain robe, layer with a striped outer robe, and add a headdress and shepherd's staff.

To put together a biblical costume as Mary, start with a plain robe, layer with a solid colored outer robe and headdress.

Can I accessorize religious biblical costumes?

Accessorizing adult and children's biblical costumes

Religious costumes for Purim and other holidays have a lot of “extras” available for all ages. Adults and kids biblical costumes include long hair wigs and beard sets, crepe hair for women and girls, biblical sandals and golden unisex arm bands. Not to forget mentioning the biblical costumes all time favorites accessories, the Shepard crook and assorted laurel wreaths.

Biblical costume, shepherd boy costume

Biblical Costume For Children

Whether for Halloween, a Nativity scene, or the church play, the biblical costume comes in kid's sizes too. Whether you're looking to buy or put together your own, here are some biblical costume ideas for the younger crowd.

  • Kids will be darling as an angel, dressed in an all white gown, wings, and a halo. From bunting costumes for the tiniest babes to costumes for the older kids, you can find or make one suited for your child's age.
  • Is your child all set to be one of the Wise Men? Have him dressed up in a richly colored robe and matching crown. Include a gift to represent gold, frankincense, or myrrh.
  • For the shepherd boy costume, all you need is a multi-colored robe and a headpiece to match for the outfit. Add a shepherd crook, corded belt, and a pair of leather sandals and your shepherd boy costume is ready to go.

What is a "gragger" and how do I make one?

Purim Gragger

Answer this question: A gragger is:

a) An accessory to Purim costumes
b) A book of the Torah
c) A Hebrew curse
d) A Purim noisemaker
e) a and d

Graggers go with Purim costumes like crooks and angel wings go with adult Biblical costumes and kids Biblical costumes. A gragger is a loud noisemaker you shake during Purim plays and feasts. You usually shake it while booing whenever everyone mentions Haman.

Load a juice can with jingle bells, cover both ends with paper, and poke a hole in one of the paper circles. Place both ends of a pipe cleaner in the hole and twist them together. Cover the whole can with adhesive tape and decorate it with glitter or stickers (preferably Star of David stickers). Take hold of the pipe cleaner loop and shake hard!

Just be sure that the din of the gragger doesn't drown out the boos for the villain Haman and the cheers for Queen Esther and her devoted uncle Mordechai!

What costume can I wear as King Ahausuerus?

King Ahausuerus Costumes

Purim is a joyous time and a bloody time (like most holidays with your relatives!) At the center of Purim and Purim costumes are King Ahausuerus of Persia and Queen Esther (originally called Hadassah.) While everyone wants to dress as Queen Esther, who saved the Jews and got the guy in the end, how do you create adults' and kids Biblical costumes to imitate King Ahausuerus?

A medieval king cape and robe with a Scepter Wand and Arabian Desert Prince robe underneath will work perfectly. Don't forget a King Crown with Liner and an Arabian dagger--Haman plotted to kill the King, after all! King Ahasuerus can hold a queen's Rotating Tiara to give to his beloved Esther. See what you get when you save the Jews and get rid of your conniving vizier? You get the girl!

So reign royally and wisely, all you King Ahausuerus doubles, in your kingly adult religious costumes and children's biblical costumes.

What does a chicken have to do with Purim?

Chicken Purim Costumes

Queen Esther and King Ahausuerus religious costumes. Haman and Mordechai kids Biblical costumes. Jester Purim costumes. Chicken costumes? What does a chicken have to do with a grand historical story filled with the trials of faith and politics and children's Biblical costumes?

Hey, people have to eat--and soothsayers sacrificed birds to read the auguries. Bawwwwk!

However, chicken Purim costumes serve the same purpose as Jester Purim costumes: to make people laugh! Other comical animal costumes can lighten the mood during the grand theatrical and religious scenes. Do the Chicken Dance with the court jesters! Just don't get in the way of the cooks or the soothsayers.

Can I rent religious costumes?

Rental of religious biblical costumes

Many rental centers now rent both adult and kids biblical costumes. Both adult and children biblical costumes include but are not limited to Noah, David, Martha, Mary and Moses. The rental of biblical costumes are the most poplar during the holiday seasons. Search your local phone book under “Religious costumes”, “biblical costumes” and “costume rental”.

Can you tell me about wigs for a Jesus costume?

Getting A Jesus Wig

One of the most recognizable elements of a Jesus costume is the hair. Though you have some variations on what to look for, making sure you get the right Jesus wig will really make the entire outfit. Here are some pointers for getting a Jesus wig.

  • One option for a dark haired Jesus wig is the combination hair and beard. The hair and beard combination should be a wavy set. To help keep your own hair under control, add a wig cap underneath the wig.
  • You can also get a plain wig without the beard. Go with a shoulder length version in a medium to darker shade. A slight wave will add to the authenticity of the look.
  • Youngsters may play the role of Jesus as well. For a children's version of the Jesus costume, get a child's wig specifically meant for the costume or a generic version which fits the parameters.
  • You can choose from a variety of price ranges. For the budget minded, you can get an inexpensive costume version of the Jesus wig, buy a mid-priced synthetic version, or pay more for a wig of real human hair.

What kind of jester or clown costumes can I wear?

Purim Jester or Clown Costumes

While there's plenty of murder, suffering and scandal during a Purim play, as well as religious meaning, Purim can be joyous too. Jesters and fools have long been used, especially in plays, as comic relief durign the serious action. While everyone chooses Biblical costumes, you or your kids can pick jester Purim costumes.

What do you need to be a successful jester? Jester costumes are typically straightforward--tasseled hat, masks (if you want to take a cue from Mardi Gras), panne fabric tunics, pointy shoes. What else do you need?

* Musical instruments--besides the gragger, you can play a drum or trumpet
* Supply of jokes and jests
* Jingle bells
* Animals such as toy dogs that can do tricks
* Good singing voice, since jesters in Purim plays usually sing
* Graceful gestures
* Funny shtick and physical comedy

While children may be fussing with children's Biblical costumes and adults fussing with adult religious costumes, you are preparing to bring on the laughter in a time of sorrow, treachery, faith, romance and fasting. This is great theater!

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