King Ahausuerus Costumes

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What costume can I wear as King Ahausuerus?

King Ahausuerus Costumes

Purim is a joyous time and a bloody time (like most holidays with your relatives!) At the center of Purim and Purim costumes are King Ahausuerus of Persia and Queen Esther (originally called Hadassah.) While everyone wants to dress as Queen Esther, who saved the Jews and got the guy in the end, how do you create adults' and kids Biblical costumes to imitate King Ahausuerus?

A medieval king cape and robe with a Scepter Wand and Arabian Desert Prince robe underneath will work perfectly. Don't forget a King Crown with Liner and an Arabian dagger--Haman plotted to kill the King, after all! King Ahasuerus can hold a queen's Rotating Tiara to give to his beloved Esther. See what you get when you save the Jews and get rid of your conniving vizier? You get the girl!

So reign royally and wisely, all you King Ahausuerus doubles, in your kingly adult religious costumes and children's biblical costumes.



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