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What do I need for a Playboy Bunny costume?

Sexy Costume For A Group Of Girls

Got a bunch of gal pals who want to coordinate a sexy costume on Halloween? Get your girlfriends together and model the Playboy Bunny costume. Not to be confused with the Playboy Playmates who pose for Playboy Magazine, Playboy Bunnies were the cocktail waitresses at the Playboy Clubs, which closed in 1988. For this sexy costume, you'll need a strapless black leotard or swimsuit with a push-up bra. Add fishnet stockings, black bunny ears, white wrist cuffs with black cuff links, a white collar with black bowtie, and black high heel pumps. Finish your Playboy Bunny costume with a bunny tail. You can find the bunny tail in white at most costume shops to attach to your leotard or swimsuit.

What’s an easy sexy Halloween costume that people will recognize?

Sexy Halloween Costume - Daisy Duke

For a sexy Halloween costume, you can go as a come hither girl from the South. Get dressed up as the Dukes of Hazard sweetheart, Daisy Duke. Naturally, you need a pair of short shorts just like Daisy Duke wears. If you don't already own a pair, get an old pair of blue denim jeans and turn them into cutoffs as short as you dare. Then add a leather belt at the waist and a midriff-bearing top. For hair, you'll need a luscious full mane – blond if you want to go with the movie version and brunette if you want to go with the TV version. Finish your sexy Halloween costume off with some red-hot heels.

To compliment your character, add Daisy Duke's hunky cousins, Luke and Bo Derek. For the good ole' boys, have them dress up in tight jeans, denim shirts, and cowboy hats.

Do you have any ideas for a sexy costume drawn from a historical character?

Lady Godiva

As Lady Godiva, you'll have one costume that's sure to turn heads. Legend has it, that Lady Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, rode through the town naked to abolish the burdensome taxes her husband imposed on the townspeople.

Here's how you put together a Lady Godiva costume. Start with a nude colored bodysuit and add nude colored pantyhose. Then, you'll need a very thick mane of long blond hair – probably a blond wig. Attach parts of the bond wig to your bodysuit to cover areas that a swimsuit might. If you're indoors, you can go sans shoes. For outdoor excursions, a pair of nude or gold-strapped sandals will do.

Do you have any suggestions for a sexy character costume?

Sexy Character Costume

Recapture the fabulous sex appeal of television character Wonder Woman. Take our step- by-step approach to putting together a Wonder Woman costume.

  • For this sexy character costume, start with a red bustier and blue swimsuit boy briefs. Add gold foil sticker stars to adorn the briefs. For the red bustier, sew gold ribbon detailing. You can add thick nude colored hose beneath the briefs.
  • For the gold crown, get heavy stock gold paper and use a pencil to lay out a simple crown with a peak. You can use a soft tape measure or length of string to figure out your head size. Remember to leave extra length to attach the ends. Trim with a penknife. Add a single red foil star below the peak of the crown. You can use double sided tape or tacky glue to join the ends of the crown.
  • For wristbands, cut a rectangular strip of heavy stock gold paper, long enough to wrap around your wrists with room to spare. Add a single red foil star to each wristband. When you're ready to wear the costume, join the edges with double sided tape or tacky glue.
  • Make a gold belt to mirror the style of the crown with heavy stock gold paper. Tuck a length of gold cord onto the belt for your magic lasso.
  • Don't forget, if you don't already have a thick mane of black hair, you'll need a wig to accomplish an authentic Wonder Woman look.
  • Finish off your sexy character costume with shoes. You can make your own boot covers for your Wonder Woman costume. Get heavy thigh high stockings and slip them over any color of boot. You just need to cut a hole for the heel and tuck the top over your boot. For detailing, get white electrical tape and line it down the front and top of your shoe.

Can I be sexy if I'm all covered up?

Left to the Imagination

These days, it seems everyone's baring all. Tyra Banks made sure we all knew her breasts are real. You want something a little more understated and sophisticated. Not for you the sexy nurse costume or sexy French maid costume.

Guess what--although you can have fun and let loose with scanty sexy adult costumes, it's Halloween and you can dress the way you want. We agree that a little mystique is more appealing than bare-all underwear ads. Some of our favorite not-so-bare sexy Halloween costumes include:

* Classic Japanese kimono or female ninja costume
* Greek goddess or Roman lady
* Cleopatra
* Medieval ball gowns
* Policewoman or firefighter uniforms
* Vampiress in long gown
* Scarlett O'Hara or Southern belle
* Revolutionary War gowns or 1890s gowns with those big hats!
* Marilyn Screen Goddess without your skirt twirling up

You don't mind if the guys bare a little in sexy costumes--turnabout is fair play! So relax and charm everyone at the party without showing more skin than you're comfortable with. After all, as Mae West said, "Sex appeal is 50 percent what you've got and 50 percent what people think you've got."

How can I dress as an exciting female spy?

A Woman and a Life of Danger

"Alias." "Charlie's Angels." "She Spies." Emma Peel in "The Avengers." It's not top secret that everyone loves international women of mystery, especially when they don a sexy French maid costume or sexy nurse costume in pursuit of top secret formulas, plots for world domination and threats to national security. But sexy costumes that look like female secret agents wilL threaten everyone's security!

To be interrnational spy babes in sexy adult costumes, you need:

* International Beauty Wig (we like redheads!)
* Leather costume like Trinity Street Diva from the Matrix with Trinity Sunglasses
* Ninja stars and Nunchucks in case karate moves don't work
* Glam jewelry for disguises
* Pistol in shoulder holster
* Leather boots with stiletto heels
* Cell phone to get your assignments

Pair up with a sexy male secret agent in a John Steed bowler hat, tie and suit. Female secret agent sexy costumes will save the world...or at least the Halloween party. So watch some female spy TV and prepare to go undercover!

Are French maid costumes too cliche?

French Maid Costumes

What is it about the sexy French maid costume? Is it too cliche? Not at all. French maids in little black outfits seem endlessly fascinating and provocative.

What is it, for that matter, about French maids? Is it that certain je ne sais quoi? The fantasy feather duster? The short black skirt and fishnets that you often sport with a sexy French maid costume? Remember the flirty French maid in "Beauty and the Beast"? Is it the French skill in romance and playful sexiness? Or is it that Rocky Horror aura? For a Rocky Horror theme Halloween party with sexy adult costumes, you'll love dressing as Magenta or Columbia. Don't forget a dancing cane if you want to break out into song!

What are some Western sexy plus size costumes?

Rootin' Tootin' Big and Bold Western Costumes

The West was big, bold and free. So are you. You can dress in plus size sexy costumes that don't involve livestock. Miss Kitty was always fulsome on "Gunsmoke." You can dress in dance-hall girl and Annie Oakley sexy plus size Halloween costumes. Try a Calamity Jane cowgirl look with bullwhip, lasso and farm animals (Calamity Jane always cooked and fed everything in site.)

Big cowpokes can twirl mustaches as in an old time melodrama, wear black hats and challenge Wyatt Earp to a duel. Don't forget Native American sexy plus size costumes--the voluptuous Indian maiden captivates the marshal, or the muscular heap big brave rescues the Lady Maverick.

With a few well-chosen Western accessories and Indian gear (a sweat lodge built for two?), your plus size sexy costumes can be as grand and last as long as a Kevin Costner movie.

Do you have ideas for sexy costumes for her?

Sexy Costumes For Her

On Halloween night, turn up the heat with sexy costumes for the vixen in you. Show a little midriff. Bare a little leg. Check out some of our picks for sexy costumes on Halloween night.

French Maid – The French maid costume is a classic teaser with short black skirt, little white apron, and a low cut blouse.

Belly Dancer – For the belly dancer costume, all you need is a midriff top, harem pants, and sheer shawl. Then, just add the supple dance moves.

Sexy Nurse – Mind the bedside manners with the sexy nurse outfit. All white, with a skirt up to there and a neckline to match.

Sexy Firewoman – You'll have to extinguish some pounding hearts as a sexy firewoman with a sleek black and yellow outfit meant to show off every curve.

Whether you're looking for sexy costumes like the French maid and sexy nurse or sexy versions of character costumes like Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood, you can find them at To up the vamp factor, add accessories like platform shoes and thigh high stockings.

Are cartoon characters sexy?

Sexy Cartoon Characters

If you don't think cartoon creations are sexy, you're obviously thinking of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. You can wear sexy adult costumes modeled after cartoon characters. We like Betty and Wilma sexy costumes.

Cosmo and TV guide polls actually rated Wilma and Betty--Betty won out in the attractiveness department. Yabba-dabba-doo! And guys have been known to prefer Daphne of Scooby Doo as well as Jasmine and Ariel from Disney. Don't forget Princess Fiona from Shrek. You could dress as Mirage or Elastigirl from "The Incredibles."

On the guy side, we like Shrek, Prince Charming, Aladdin, Mr. Incredible, Superman, Batman and Robin sexy adult costumes. While no one's going to want to tango with SpongeBob Squarepants or Homer Simpson, there are plenty of alluring guy cartoon heartthrobs. But we still draw the line at Porky Pig, and th-that's all, folks!

What sexy costumes can guys wear?

Guys and Sexy Costumes

Guys pretend they'd rather wear old T-shirts and jeans, and be a beer drinker for Halloween. Don't let them fool you. With you in your sexy French maid costume or sexy nurse costume, your guy is not going to skimp on sexy adult costumes. Ditto if you're a gay couple and you're both well-dressed anyway.

Some ideas for sexy costumes for guys:

* Sexy Pharaoh, sheikh (like Rudolf Valentino, not Bin Laden) or male harem dancer
* Spartacus, gladiator or Caesar
* Swashbuckling Pirate
* Robin Hood, Musketeer or Medieval Knight
* Vampire

Guys can go back to three-day-old underwear (or not) after the Halloween party. Tonight, while the men are wearing sexy Halloween costumes, the masks of "average Joe" will come off and the guys can show off--oh, wait, they do that already! But in sexy costumes, guys will give everyone a refreshing break from the usual "guy thing."

What 1920s plus size looks can I wear?

1920s Costumes

Although the Depression years were lean ones, the 1920s were big and full of life. Your flapper or gangster costume will let you enjoy the ragtime in a whoopie spot. You could be a Prohibition-era nun reforming a dangerous and alluring gangster in a zoot suit. Or you could be a 1920s bathing man at the beach trying to impress a Charleston dancer in a drop-waist dress over a modest blouse. Or look like Clara Bow in a cloche hat and flapper dress. Just remember, no matter if you wear plus size sexy costumes or a bedsheet, the only crime in your wild 1920s party is not being original. Don't be a "Chicago" wannabe--be yourself, baby.

What options do I have for a mermaid costume?

Mermaid Costume

For a sweet, beguiling Halloween outfit, get dressed up in a mermaid costume. Need some ideas? Check out these variations on the mermaid costume.

You'll be wearing a sheer mesh bodice with a sparkling halter-top and sequined tail. This version of the mermaid costume isn't for the shy or bashful.

In a fitted body hugging gown and ruffled organza fin, you'll be tempting more than one land lover out to sea in this Halloween outfit.

This mermaid costume has a halter top with just enough fabric to spare. The hip hugging sequined skirt ends with a sheer fabric fin.

What plus size costumes are sexy on men?

Sexy Men's Plus Size Ideas

Okay, class, which plus size men's costumes are NOT sexy?

a) Beer Keg. Just don't do it.
b) Clown costumes.
c) Zombies. For some reason, though, Frankenstein's Monster is sexy to some women. Don't ask me why.
d) Bag of Cheetos.
e) Michael Moore. Even Moore's fans have to admit he needs a makeover.

Which male sexy plus size costumes are alluring?

a) Plus size sexy vampire costume. Especially with an English accent.
b) Roman gladiator costumes.
c) Gangster costumes, as long as you don't look like Marlon Brando.
d) Samurai warriors.
e) Sexy pirate plus size costumes. Some women love Geoffrey Rush.
f) Medieval knights.
g) Arab sheiks--if you look well-fed no one can mistake you for Osama bin Laden, but you could get a romance novel cover.

Any questions? No, I still don't know why Franksenstein's monster is sexy to women.


Sex Appeal in the East

If you've read "Memoirs of a Geisha" and plan to see the movie, you know that Japanese culture has a lure. Our image of geishas is stereotypical: delicate, fragile, small. Our image of samurais is Ken Watanabe in "The Last Samurai" or anybody in Akira Kurosawa films. However, hard-bodied warriors aren't always sexy.

Imagine a decadent geisha and a big-muscled samurai in sexy plus size costumes. Pour some sake, grab a fan and a katana (rent a prop--real katanas take years of training), string some lanterns around your Halloween party space, and enjoy a touch of Eastern exoticism. Geishas spent much of their time in teahouses, so kimono sexy plus size Halloween costumes are authentic.

The Bushido code taught the ancient samurai discipline, but even an ascetic (that's abstaining from worldly pleasures) warrior has to eat! Besides, he could be a sumo wrestler as well as a samurai. But watch out--those geisha plus size sexy costumes could conceal ninja garb! Ancient wisdom says, beware sexy plus size Halloween costumes.

Are Greek plus size costumes sexy?

My Big Fat Greek Costume

Greek culture is all about food and "Yassas," if you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." In thousands of years, nothing's changed. Don't be fooled by all the hard-body statues.

You can be a Greek warrior hero in Greek sexy plus size Halloween costumes. Take a gladiator sword, Roman armbands, laurel wreaths, a stuffed owl or two for name it. You can be Hercules or Bellerophon slaying monsters and eating grapes as well as wild boars.

Greek women are sexy too, and so are the plus size sexy costumes you can create. Be Medea, faithful by Jason's side in a plus size Greek chiton (use a plus size Roman toga since only Hellenophiles might know the difference), or Medusa or the enchantress Circe. Ancient wisdom: You can dress in a plus size witch costume for Circe--just don't forget Greek accessories for sexy plus size costumes.

Live Greek life the way it was meant to be lived. A society that gave us the basis for modern civilization deserves homage worthy of the gods.

What’s a sexy exotic costume?

Go Polynesian In A Hula Girl Costume

Go exotic by getting dressed up in a hula girl costume. You can start with a floral two-piece swimsuit. Add a grass skirt to your Polynesian outfit. To make your own leis, you can visit a craft shop and link fake orchids on a string (or purchase a few leis from a costume shop) and layer them on your neck. For your head, make a crown with matching flowers to top off your Polynesian look. Go barefoot for indoors, or wear coordinating sandals for going out. Then sway those hips and do some delicate undulating movements with your hands and arms to show off your hula girl costume.

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