Sexy Character Costume

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Sexy Character Costume

Recapture the fabulous sex appeal of television character Wonder Woman. Take our step- by-step approach to putting together a Wonder Woman costume.

  • For this sexy character costume, start with a red bustier and blue swimsuit boy briefs. Add gold foil sticker stars to adorn the briefs. For the red bustier, sew gold ribbon detailing. You can add thick nude colored hose beneath the briefs.
  • For the gold crown, get heavy stock gold paper and use a pencil to lay out a simple crown with a peak. You can use a soft tape measure or length of string to figure out your head size. Remember to leave extra length to attach the ends. Trim with a penknife. Add a single red foil star below the peak of the crown. You can use double sided tape or tacky glue to join the ends of the crown.
  • For wristbands, cut a rectangular strip of heavy stock gold paper, long enough to wrap around your wrists with room to spare. Add a single red foil star to each wristband. When you're ready to wear the costume, join the edges with double sided tape or tacky glue.
  • Make a gold belt to mirror the style of the crown with heavy stock gold paper. Tuck a length of gold cord onto the belt for your magic lasso.
  • Don't forget, if you don't already have a thick mane of black hair, you'll need a wig to accomplish an authentic Wonder Woman look.
  • Finish off your sexy character costume with shoes. You can make your own boot covers for your Wonder Woman costume. Get heavy thigh high stockings and slip them over any color of boot. You just need to cut a hole for the heel and tuck the top over your boot. For detailing, get white electrical tape and line it down the front and top of your shoe.



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