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I love Johnny Depp’s costume in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” can I recreate that look?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Arrrr, matey! Dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow, leader of the sexy pirates? Get your pirate hats and wrap a red scarf around your head. Geoffrey Rush wore the tricorner hat. Johny Depp did also, plus beads in his hair. If you don't have long hair, wear a black wig. A Captain Morgan-style pirate costume minus the frill at the neck and the jacket will work. Smear yourself with dust and dirt, and add a few rips and tears.

How can I look like a pirate queen, such as Grace O’Malley who raided Queen Elizabeth’s ships?

Pirate Queens

Women's pirate costumes are alluring, and so are women pirates. You can buy the regular pirate queen costume available from costume shops. The female pirate costumes usually include leather crop tops, fitted trousers, and pirate headbands that look like pirate flags. You can also choose various pirate hats, tricorner, buccaneer or musketeer style. Add a pirate sword such as a cutlass, or even a pirate gun, and, of course, lots of booty, er, jewelry. Don't stop at one gold hoop earring. Grace O'Malley is a terrific character to dress as. You can carry a pirate sword and dress in a full-skirted Elizabethan gown with, again, lots of jewelry. Wear trousers under the gown so that in a flash you can change into a swashbuckling pirate!

My kids love the Wiggles, how can I dress like Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate?

Captain Feathersword Pirate Costume

Hoist your pirate flags and get ready to wiggle! The kids' entertainment group The Wiggles are the top earners in Australia now, thanks in part to a cast of characters like Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate. When he's not chopping fruit salad, sailing the seven seas with his band of friendly pirates, or dancing the pirate's jig, Captain Feathersword dazzles with his pirate costumes. You can purchase the standard pirate buccaneer costume and make a pirate vest of red felt with “gold” buttons. Captain Feathersword has “magic” buttons that he presses during the Wiggles' touring shows, DVDs and TV shows. Instead of a pirate sword, Captain Feathersword carries a brightly colored feather. He also wears the eyepatch and gold hoop earring traditional in pirate costumes. The standard pirate hats will work for a Captain Feathersword costume. Of course, don't forget plenty of fruit for fruit salad. Have your children dress up as the Wiggles and take your musical act on the road!

When dressing as a pirate swashbuckler, should I strive to look like Errol Flynn?

Pirate Swashbucklers

Errol Flynn set the standard for swashbuckling pirates. You too can leap up yardarms and hoist pirate flags. Your puffy shirt can be unbuttoned partially. Trousers included in your pirate costumes should be firmly fastened with waist sashes. For pirates, black boots are a must, preferably with buckles. For a pirate sword, Errol Flynn would choose a cutlass. Don't forget the eyepatch. With all the leaping and fighting, Errol Flynn would have lost pirate hats easily, so our advice is to skip them.

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