Pirate Queens

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How can I look like a pirate queen, such as Grace O’Malley who raided Queen Elizabeth’s ships?

Pirate Queens

Women's pirate costumes are alluring, and so are women pirates. You can buy the regular pirate queen costume available from costume shops. The female pirate costumes usually include leather crop tops, fitted trousers, and pirate headbands that look like pirate flags. You can also choose various pirate hats, tricorner, buccaneer or musketeer style. Add a pirate sword such as a cutlass, or even a pirate gun, and, of course, lots of booty, er, jewelry. Don't stop at one gold hoop earring. Grace O'Malley is a terrific character to dress as. You can carry a pirate sword and dress in a full-skirted Elizabethan gown with, again, lots of jewelry. Wear trousers under the gown so that in a flash you can change into a swashbuckling pirate!



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