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How do I make an adult Easter Lamb costume?

Adult Easter Lamb Costume

You know that everyone will wear bunny costumes and your child loves the lamb costume rather than the infant bunny costume. Since spring is a time of renewal, you want to go as a mama or papa and baby lamb, or an entire sheep family. Grab a few shepherds in Biblical costumes, and all right, an Easter Bunny costume. What more do you need? Answer: An adult lamb costume.

Here are some hints to make sure your costume won't be baa-aa-aad:

* If you have that merino rug, drape it around yourself and wear some black socks or boot tops as well as black gloves.
* Not all rams wear horns, but you can modify reindeer antlers to produce single long horns similar to bighorns.
* You can wear that bunny costume without the rabbit head--just pin a sheep's tail over the rabbit's cottontail.
* Rams are typically fluffier and bigger than ewes, so wrap yourself in an extra thick rug, especially if you're wearing a bunny costume.
* A Santa beard or several cotton balls glued to a white scarf or bandanna will give you that thick neck fur.
* You don't have to match your kids' costumes exactly, but try not to contrast too much.
* Blacken your nose with theatrical paint or wear a sheep's nose.

Now you and your little lambs can frolic together as a family flock!

What Roman costumes can I wear at Easter?

Roman Spring Easter Costumes

If you've watched the HBO series "Rome," you know how ruthless and decadent the Romans can be. Do you really want to portray the bad guys? Actually, according to Mel Gibson's movie and several scholars, the Jews shared in the villain role...but let's leave controversy out of holiday costumes.

You can portray the bad guy in Easter costumes--just be thankful you're not the one who has to agonize over Judas, Simon and Peter religious costumes. Grab your Roman Toga and dress as Pontius Pilate. You can even emulate David Bowie in "The Last Temptation of Christ". Or you can dress as a Roman centurion with Roman lightweight shield, plastic helmet and breastplate as well as a Roman sword. Live by the sword, die by the sword...just not on Easter in religious costumes.

Don't be afraid to portray the villains, and don't let your stage fright send you scrambling for the bunny costumes. After all, Christ planned to sacrifice His life to save mankind. But don't get too decadent or Bacchanalian like the "Rome" TV show.

What kind of Easter costumes are there for children?

Children Easter Costumes

The chicken and the child bunny costume are two major costumes that children wear during the holiday. Easter bunnies come in one piece jump suits with ears and hand mitts or open faced suits. Bunny costumes come in various colors as well. Chicken suits are usually one piece and yellow. Other Easter costume includes a lamb buntings.

What style and sizes do bunny costumes come in?

Bunny costumes in all style and sizes

An adult bunny costume can range from be a full body fuzzy suit, to feminine, skimpy attire. Teenagers girls bunny costume choice includes a petite pink dress, petticoat, apron with a bunny face, headband, bowtie, collar and cuffs. An infant bunny costume come in bunting style costume. 0-6 months, infant jumpsuits, small, medium and large. Toddler plush jumpsuits from 2 to 4T or for little girls 3 to 4T a velvet bunny girl costume. All of these would be suitable for Easter costumes.

Are Nativity scenes appropriate for Easter?

Easter Nativity Scenes

While living Nativity scenes seem more apropos for Christmas holiday costumes, you'll see plenty of people reenacting Jesus rising from the tomb. Grab your Nativity religious costumes from Christmas and repurpose them as Easter costumes.

You may want to skip the Three Wise Men, or replace them with people in lamb, chick, duck and Easter Bunny costumes. It seems awkward, but these barnyard animals are symbols of renewal, and the lamb, especially, represents Christ.

You can even partner with people reenacting the Resurrection and stage your scenes side by side for the Alpha and Omega of Christ's life. Celebrate faith and the arrival of spring as children in infant lamb costumes and a child in an infant bunny costume play innocently around the manger.

How do I get that bloody scourged look when playing Jesus?

Jesus and Stage Blood

Jesus' suffering may have been real, but the closest you've come is giving up chocolate Easter Bunnies for Lent. How do you make your religious costumes real? One of those wooden twig garlands from craft stores would be a start. But you're squeamish about blood and you think bunny costumes might be a safer bet. But you promised to join your church in an Easter pageant dressing in religious Easter costumes. You're a person of your word. What a dilemma.

If you're not ready to shed blood for Jesus, relax--even Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" used stage blood to protray the agony of Jesus during the Crucifixion.

According to IMDB.com, Mel's makeup team developed a new type of fake blood with added viscosity for Jesus' scourging makeup. The new makeup contains:

* Red dyes suspended in glycerin
* Fatty gums
* A stabilizing base

Be sure to have plenty of rubbing alcohol on hand because the blood made Caviezel's skin smell sickly sweet. You can substitute ordinary theatrical fake blood for the Hollywood high-tech stuff. Check Los Angeles theatrical makeup shops if you can spend more than forty pieces of silver on religious costumes. Use pale makeup to get that blood-loss look on your cheeks and body. Don't forget the wounds (stigmata) on your hands.

You have the long-lasting fake blood. Now, wait to eat those chocolate Easter Bunnies until after you're out of your Jesus makeup and costume--and say a prayer of thanks for the guy who endured so much to save mankind.

Are Easter bunny costumes comfortable for adults to hop in?

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Your kids leap and bounce about in an Infant Bunny Costume and Child Bunny Costume? But you think you have about as much chance of springing like, well, spring, as you do of walking on water in religious costumes. Too much fur! Besides, do you ever see the Disney characters at Disneyland bouncing about? Actually, we've seen them climbing up the Matterhorn Ride. If Mickey can to it in those shoes and gloves, so can you!

Here are some tips direct from Easter Bunnies past to make your Easter holiday costumes more hippity-hoppity:

* Take a cue from hip-hop! Dance with your kids to those urban beats--just make sure the music is clean. Maybe you'll remember those moonwalk moves from when Michael Jackson was clean.
* Practice on a trampoline without the costume, then with. While the Easter bunny costume is plush, it's designed to be comfortable, so you should have no trouble bouncing about.
* You may get hot in your costume, so drink plenty of cool water, schedule breaks without the costume, and wear neck cooler wraps.
* Don't eat too many of those chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks--sugar and caffeine can temporarily boost your bounce but leave you flat. The same goes for that delicious Double Frappuccino from Starbucks.
* Use common sense and don't pull a muscle--an Easter Bunny with a charley horse or a slipped disc can't jump.

Now you can hop down the bunny trail in Easter holiday costumes with all your little Easter Bunnies!

Ideas for an infants bunny costumes?

Infant Bunny Costumes

Many baby bunny costumes are one piece buntings with attached bow tie, tail and ears. Other bunny costumes just include the accessories for the infants. A bunny costume could be fabric covered headband with pink bunny ears and bunny tail with elastic waistband. These make great Easter costumes. You can also find cozy infant bunny costumes that cover baby from head to foot. If you live in a colder climate and still want to be festive, this may be the option for you!

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