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Can you give me some tips on how to use costume application products?

Six Tricks To Costume Make Up Application

To get costume make up application right, it helps to have the appropriate tools for the job. You don't need to be an expert, but get acquainted with our tricks for costume make up application and you'll be on your way to creating a painted masterpiece in no time.

1. For applications that require a brush, get one with a flat bristle arrangement. You won't need a round brush most of the time for costume make up application.
2. For broad applications like applying a make up base to your entire face, use a sponge.
3. When applying costume make up, always move in a pulling direction.
4. If you can afford it, buy the best costume make up from a costume shop as opposed to a chain store. As a general rule, costume make up in pots are better than ones in stick form.
5. Powder your face with professional make up powder to finish off the costume make up application. It will set the costume make up and keep it from running.
6. To remove costume make up with ease, use baby oil. For liquid latex, cold cream will do the trick.

How do you make fake blood?

Make Your Own Fake Blood

Wherever there are monsters, goblins, vampires, and ghouls, there's bound to be a little
fake blood around on Halloween night. If you want to learn how to make your own fake blood, read our how-to recipe.

1 cup of corn syrup
5 drops of red food coloring
1 Bottle of chocolate syrup

Mix corn syrup and red food coloring together. Proceed to squirt chocolate syrup into the mixture until you achieve the consistency you want. Instant fake blood!

Note: This how-to recipe, though harmless, will likely stain your skin and clothing. To remove stains from your skin, make a paste with baking soda and scrub onto your skin.

How do I put on a fake mustache?

How To Apply A Fake Mustache

Putting on a fake mustache is an easy enough task, but it does require a bit of technique. Read our guidelines for applying a fake mustache.

1. Clean area of skin where you will be applying the fake mustache.
2. Take spirit gum and spread a fair amount above the lip.
3. Use your finger to tap the spirit gum lightly until it has a tacky consistency.
4. Apply the fake mustache.

Note: Removing the fake mustache will be easier if you apply Ponds cold cream to remove the spirit gum. Remember to test the spirit gum on another part of your body before putting on the fake mustache to make sure you don't develop an allergic reaction.

Can you tell me how to make my own Halloween make up?

Make Your Own Halloween Make Up

You can purchase commercial Halloween make up or you can start from scratch and make your own. All you need are four simple items to make your own Halloween make up. Here's the make up recipe:

1 teaspoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon of water
1/2 teaspoon cold cream
Food coloring

Thoroughly mix the cornstarch and cold cream together. Add water and stir. Add water last.

Don't just stop at one color. Once you've made one batch from the make up recipe, try other food colors for more Halloween make up. You can store them in a sealed plastic container to use again.

Do you have any tips for how to apply face paint?

Five Halloween Face Paint Tips

Halloween face paint is a great way to achieve a look for your costume that you couldn't with a mask. Before you open up those little containers of Halloween face paint, check out our five tips.

1. When painting large areas, use a sponge rather than a brush. You'll save yourself some application time.
2. Keep a bag of application sponges on hand. If you have one for every color of Halloween face paint, you'll avoid mixing colors and save yourself the trouble of having to wash out the sponges.
3. Apply the face paints in thin layers and allow each layer to dry before you apply the next. Thick paint may crack and applying a new paint over a wet one may cause you to inadvertently mix the colors.
4. For specific shapes like circles, triangles, stars, or more complicated objects, use a stencil if you're not confident of face painting with your own hand.
5. Have tissues and paper towels handy because face painting leads to messes!

Halloween face paint comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from staples like red, blue, white, yellow, and black. To create a different shade, blend your Halloween face paint colors together to create the look you want.

Can you give me some ideas on characters to create with theatrical makeup?

Four Theatrical Makeup Ideas

For your next costumed event, don some theatrical makeup to add a dramatic effect to your look. If you want some ideas for theatrical makeup, take a look at our list of four ideas to try.

Bride of Frankenstein – To create this ghoulish bride, use a white base on your face and blend a bit of green to achieve the right skin tone. Darken the brows with liquid eye shadow. Shade cheeks and eyelids with a charcoal grey eye shadow. Finish off with your lips with black lipstick.

Grim Reaper – Use a white theatrical makeup base for the grim reaper. Using black liquid eyeliner, paint the outline of circles around your eyes. Then darken inside the area. Close the opposite eye as you paint over an eyelid. Paint a triangle on either side of your nose using black eyeliner. Finish by adding black lipstick to your mouth.

Wicked Witch – Use a green base theatrical makeup on your face and lips. Darken the eyebrows in an arch with liquid eye shadow. Using black eyeliner, darken brows in a severe arch.

Kabuki Face – Use a white base to cover your face and lips. Use loose powder to seal in the color. Use a brush and red theatrical makeup to draw a red arch under the eyes upwards from the edge of your nose to the outside edge of your face. Paint only your upper lip red. Dot two tear drop shapes at the edge of your mouth to appear as an extension of your mouth.

For theatrical makeup application that's an all in one process, get a theatrical makeup kit. Choose from characters such as Frankenstein, a skeleton, and a vampire. The theatrical makeup colors are chosen and provided for you. All you need to do is follow the convenient instructions to create your character.

How do I make a homemade costume make-up recipe?

Homemade Costume Make-up Recipe

HOMEMADE COSTUME MAKE-UP RECIPE Make a batch of this non-toxic nature's costume make-up that is easy to wash away. INGREDIENTS: 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 tablespoon solid shortening DIRECTIONS: 1) Mix ingredients well. Makes enough white makeup for one face. Store in a small, closed jar if not used immediately. Double the recipe for 2 kids or if different colors are required. Divide white costume make-up into small portions on a piece of wax paper, and color the portions with food coloring. A package of food coloring at your supermarket contains yellow, red, green and blue in separate bottles. Follow the instructions in the package for colors orange, brown and purple. 2) Apply costume make-up on the skin by using fingers or cosmetic sponge, and avoid getting it near the eyes. After applying the costume make-up, pay skin with cotton balls and talcum or baby powder for a better, longer-lasting result. Supplement with regular costume make-up, such as lipstick, blusher, eye shadows and brow pencils or buy your own costume make-up online.

How do you create the look of dead skin for Halloween?

Halloween Make Up Idea: Creating Rotting Flesh

There's nothing like a little bit of fake rotting flesh to make your Halloween costume as ghastly as can be. This Halloween make up idea is a must have addition to any member of the undead on Halloween night. Follow our guide to create rotting flesh for your Halloween costume.

You'll need the following items:

  • Astringent
  • Liquid latex
  • Raw oatmeal
  • Inexpensive make up brush
  • Make up base

Start by cleaning your face thoroughly with the astringent. Apply liquid latex over the area you intend to use as rotting flesh. Apply raw oatmeal over the latex and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Using the make up brush, paint a few latex coats over the oatmeal area. Keep in mind that the latex will render the brush unusable, so you'll have to toss it after use. Cover the rotting flesh area with the make up base and your Halloween make up idea is complete!

Where can I find fake blood costume makeup?

How to Make Fake Blood - Applying Costume Makeup

These professional costume make-up ideas are non-toxic but none of the recipes are meant to be eaten. CAUTION! Some of these will stain some clothes. All will wash off your skin with soap and water. EQUIPMENT: Measuring spoons Bowl INGREDIENTS: 2-1/2 Tablespoons water 60-70 drops of red food coloring 10-15 drops yellow food coloring 2-3 drops blue food coloring 5-1/2 Tablespoons white corn syrup DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix all of the food colorings and water together. 2. Slowly stir in the corn syrup until the mixture is thick, but still "slides" down your arm. (This goop will stain your clothing, so don't wear the good stuff!) 3. Smear it on your skin wherever you want the "blood" to be.

What is a good costume makeup technique for creating hairy warts?

More Costume Makeup Techniques - Hairy Warts

These tips on applying costume make-up ideas are non-toxic but none of the recipes are meant to be eaten. CAUTION! Some of these will stain some clothes. All will wash off your skin with soap and water. EQUIPMENT: None INGREDIENTS: Whole peppercorns white or black Corn syrup or eyelash glue Hair bristles from a paintbrush or out of your hair brush (Optional) Non-toxic watercolors (the kind you use in grade school) DIRECTIONS: 1. Glue peppercorns to your hands or face using the corn syrup or eyelash glue. KEEP PEPPERCORNS AWAY FROM YOUR EYES! You may have to hold them in place until the glue or syrup is dry. 2. Dip one end of the hairs in the glue or syrup and attach to the peppercorn, so they look hairy. 3. Use the paints to color them creepy!

How do I create animal costume makeup?

Creating an Animal Costume Makeup Application

To create an animal costume make-up design, on a clear photograph, outline the essential features of the animal's face, then transfer and embellish those lines on your face.

Developing the penciled face, now establish colors for your tiger makeup design. Remember to simplify and exaggerate features, particularly by enlarging the eyes and mouth so that these most expressive parts of your onstage face will be clearly visible to the audience. Use eyeliner pencil to begin your costume make-up application. Draw lines that follow the overall pattern worked out on your face. These lines create a “face patch” – the focused area of interest that defines the animal. Note that the eye-mouth-nose connection is clearly defined at this point.

When white costume makeup is part of your design scheme, put it on first, before applying foundation or other colors. This will prevent mixing of tones that would muddy the final look. Pat on white cream liner or clown white foundation with a brush or a sponge, being careful to work between the lines without obliterating them.

The next colors applied here are orange and brown foundation for your tiger makeup application. Use contrasting colors and shading to create a more 3D look, and remember to continue the costume makeup down to your neck to meet your costume. After painting your eye area, close your eyes and powder the lids immediately to keep the costume makeup from smudging. Finish applying costume makeup outside the “face patch,” adding dots around the mouth to create a more feline effect. Check to see how your costume makeup looks when your face is animated, and add final touches accordingly. Use a neutral white powder to set your costume makeup.

What is a good costume makeup technique for creating scabs?

super scabs - Scary Halloween Costume Makeup Application

These dance costume make-up ideas are non-toxic but none of the recipes are meant to be eaten. CAUTION! Some of these will stain some clothes. All will wash off your skin with soap and water. EQUIPMENT: Two paintbrushes Small saucepan (if using a microwave, you will need a glass 1-cup measuring cup) INGREDIENTS: Cornmeal Corn syrup Red or brown water colors or makeup blush or rouge One envelope unflavored gelatin, like Knox brand. DIRECTIONS: 1. In a small saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over ¼ cup of cold water. Let stand one minute. Then stir over low heat until all of the gelatin is completely dissolved. (Microwave Directions: In a 1-cup glass measuring cup, sprinkle one envelope gelatin over ¼ cup of cold water, let stand 2 minutes. Microwave on HIGH {Full power} for 40 seconds, stir well, then let stand 2 more minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved. Let it cool completely before using!) 2. Paint or smear a thin coat of corn syrup on your skin the shape you want your scabs to be. 3. Cover the syrup with a thick layer of cornmeal. Let it sit for 2 minutes, then carefully tap off the excess. 4. Use the paints or makeup to color the cornmeal patches. 5. With a paintbrush, paint the COOLED gelatin mixture over and around the scab. Do this VERY GENTLY so you don't brush off the cornmeal. (The gelatin "seals" it in place).

What are some stage makeup techniques for gluing facial decals?

Stage Makeup Techniques - Homemade Glue for Facial Decals

This nature's glue is safe for the face and easy to make for professional costume make-up. Cook one large potato in its skin until tender. Let cool. Cut into two and use the cut surfaces as a glue. Cut small decals (hearts, stars, moons, flowers, scars) from bright colored tissue paper (because it is sufficiently absorbent), rub the decals with cooked potato, and stick on clean, dry cheeks and forehead. Potato glue is equally handy to stick glitter on the face.

How do you apply costume makeup to look like burned skin?

Fabricating Burned Skin - Costume Makeup Application

To apply costume makeup using our costume make-up kits, use a sponge tp apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the desired area. Allow the latex to dry thoroughly. If you want the lok of thicker skin in the burned area, add more latex. All the latex to dry thoroughly. Notice the deep wrinkles achieved with several layers of latex applied. Roll back parts of the latex to simulate the peeling, roughed-up look of burned skin. Paint with foundation and cream liners. Stipple maroon, blue and black cream liner around the burn. For an even more realistic and gory look, add stage blood.

How do I go about removing costume makeup?

Removing Costume Make-Up

After using our costume makeup kits and you are ready to get help remove costume make-up and cleanse the skin, follow these simple instructions. How you remove costume make-up and cleanse your face will contribute to how well your skin will look on a daily basis. With your fingertips, smooth cold cream over your entire face, using gently, circular motions until the foundation lifts off your skin onto the cream. As cold cream mixes with foundation and the color of the cream is no longer white, a thorough cleansing is taking place. Wipe your face clean with cotton squares. Avoid using tissus or other paper products to clean skin because many have abrasive properties. Wash your face with a cleansing soap and washcloth. Cleanse your pores with an astringent-soaked cotton ball or square. Finally, leave your skin refreshed with a thing layer of moisturizer.

What are some costume makeup techniques for creating scars?

Creating Scars - Halloween Costume Makeup Techniques

For professional costume make-up ideas, create a more recent scar, raised higher above the skin, and paint clear liquid latex on a piece of glass or any smooth, nonporous surface, shaping the latex into the type of scar you want. Let the latex dry thoroughly to the point of being faintly yellow in color. Apply spirit gum on the spot wehre the scar is to be affixed. Allow both the gum and your latex piece to feel tacky to the touch before attaching the scar. Finish with highlights and shadows. A touch of maroon cream liner on the scar aids in believability.

Where can I find theatrical costume makeup kits?

Selling Theatrical Costume Makeup Kits sells costume makeup application kits for many of your masquerade parties, Halloween costumes and theatre makeup and supplies. Kits include costume makeup instructional sheets, witch costume makeup, vampire costume makeup, skeleton costume makeup, frankenstein costume makeup, clown and animal costume makeup.

How can I apply costume makeup to look like wrinkles?

Costume Makeup Application - Liquid Latex Wrinkles

Puff out your cheeks as your apply latex with a sponge. Hold air in your cheeks until the latex is dry. Use a hair dryer to speed drying time. When the stretched skin is released as you deflate your cheeks, wrinkles will appear. Once the latex is dry, convincing thin-skin wrinkles being to appear. Create heavier wrinkles by building up the area with tissue or cotton balls. Allow the latex to dry again, then pull off excess cotton and reapply latex. Or apply tissue to the wet latex, then lay on another layer of latex, drying between layers. Once dry, apply foundation on top.

What is a good costume makeup technique for simulating aging hands?

Creating Aging Hands for Old Lady and Old Men Costumes

For theatrical makeup and supplies, put foundation on your hand to even out your skin tone. Highlight bony area, knuckles, prominent veins and wrist bones. Be careful not to get highlight in knuckle creases. Shadow knuckle creases, sides of fingers, and around the veins. Apply finishing touches of age spots, liver spots, and stipple, then powder. Repeat the 4-step process on your other hand.

How do I apply costume makeup and artificial mustaches?

Applying Artificial Mustaches - Cstoume Makeup Techniques

If you want to apply an artificial moustache for stage make-up techniques, follow these simple application instructions for a comfortable, realistic, and natural looking moustache. 1. Remove moustache from package. 2. Fold Moustache in half and cut in exact center resulting in two equal size pieces. (Applying the moustache as two separate pieces allows it to move more naturally when you speak.) 3. Apply Spirit gum to one side of the face. 4. Allow to dry slightly and become sticky to touch. 5. Press on one side of the moustache. 6. Repeat steps 3-5 with second half of moustache. Applying the moustache in two separate pieces will allow it to move more naturally with your mouth when you speak, drink and eat. To remove moustache, simply peal it off like a band aid and use the Spirit Gum Remover to remove any glue left on the face. Do not apply spirit gum remover directly onto the moustache.

How do I do facepainting with costume makeup?

Costume Makeup for Facepainting

The best costume make-up for face painting at children's parties is a water-based liquid makeup that can be found in costume make-up kits. It usually works best for group face painting. A water-based costume make up will dry so it will not rub off on everything child touches. Additionally, it easily washes off with soap and water. Please keep in mind, all red and yellow costume make up tends to slightly stain fair skin. We recommend using these colors sparingly. Do not over-scrub your child's face in an attempt to fully remove these colors. The color will fade on its own. For application, we recommend using a styrofoam egg carton (cardboard will absorb the makeup and eventually leak) or muffin pan as your pallet. You can poor each color into its own section or even mix two colors in one ""cup"" to create additional color options. Costume make-up can be applied with brushes or even Q-Tips. Some parents prefer the Q-Tip method because they can be disposed after each child. Every face gets fresh Q-Tips. If you are not very artistic, you can stick to basic shapes. Draw a heart, a star, a rainbow. You can create a cat simply by coloring the nose black and adding a few lines for whiskers. You can also use stencils. Hold the stencil up to the face and use a sponge to "dab" the costume make-up over the exposed area.

What is in a basic costume makeup kit?

Basic Costume Makeup Kits

A basic costume make-up kit will include foundation creme cakes, cream liners, pencil liners, lipliners, powder, spirit gum, wax and putty, liquid latex, powder brushes and makeup brushes, and powder puffs and sponges.

How can I create fantasy costume make-up?

Creating Fantasy Costume Make-up

Creating fantasy and animal costume make-up is lots of fun. It allows you to push your artistic imagination beyond the limits of human facial features to explore ideas not normally considered for use on the human face. Ideas may include plant and flower motifs, the seasons and weather, images from famous paintings, patterns based on household items and numerous other sources that can be abstracted and put on a face.

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