Five Halloween Face Paint Tips

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Five Halloween Face Paint Tips

Halloween face paint is a great way to achieve a look for your costume that you couldn't with a mask. Before you open up those little containers of Halloween face paint, check out our five tips.

1. When painting large areas, use a sponge rather than a brush. You'll save yourself some application time.
2. Keep a bag of application sponges on hand. If you have one for every color of Halloween face paint, you'll avoid mixing colors and save yourself the trouble of having to wash out the sponges.
3. Apply the face paints in thin layers and allow each layer to dry before you apply the next. Thick paint may crack and applying a new paint over a wet one may cause you to inadvertently mix the colors.
4. For specific shapes like circles, triangles, stars, or more complicated objects, use a stencil if you're not confident of face painting with your own hand.
5. Have tissues and paper towels handy because face painting leads to messes!

Halloween face paint comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from staples like red, blue, white, yellow, and black. To create a different shade, blend your Halloween face paint colors together to create the look you want.



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