Creating an Animal Costume Makeup Application

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How do I create animal costume makeup?

Creating an Animal Costume Makeup Application

To create an animal costume make-up design, on a clear photograph, outline the essential features of the animal's face, then transfer and embellish those lines on your face.

Developing the penciled face, now establish colors for your tiger makeup design. Remember to simplify and exaggerate features, particularly by enlarging the eyes and mouth so that these most expressive parts of your onstage face will be clearly visible to the audience. Use eyeliner pencil to begin your costume make-up application. Draw lines that follow the overall pattern worked out on your face. These lines create a “face patch” – the focused area of interest that defines the animal. Note that the eye-mouth-nose connection is clearly defined at this point.

When white costume makeup is part of your design scheme, put it on first, before applying foundation or other colors. This will prevent mixing of tones that would muddy the final look. Pat on white cream liner or clown white foundation with a brush or a sponge, being careful to work between the lines without obliterating them.

The next colors applied here are orange and brown foundation for your tiger makeup application. Use contrasting colors and shading to create a more 3D look, and remember to continue the costume makeup down to your neck to meet your costume. After painting your eye area, close your eyes and powder the lids immediately to keep the costume makeup from smudging. Finish applying costume makeup outside the “face patch,” adding dots around the mouth to create a more feline effect. Check to see how your costume makeup looks when your face is animated, and add final touches accordingly. Use a neutral white powder to set your costume makeup.



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