Adult Easter Lamb Costume

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How do I make an adult Easter Lamb costume?

Adult Easter Lamb Costume

You know that everyone will wear bunny costumes and your child loves the lamb costume rather than the infant bunny costume. Since spring is a time of renewal, you want to go as a mama or papa and baby lamb, or an entire sheep family. Grab a few shepherds in Biblical costumes, and all right, an Easter Bunny costume. What more do you need? Answer: An adult lamb costume.

Here are some hints to make sure your costume won't be baa-aa-aad:

* If you have that merino rug, drape it around yourself and wear some black socks or boot tops as well as black gloves.
* Not all rams wear horns, but you can modify reindeer antlers to produce single long horns similar to bighorns.
* You can wear that bunny costume without the rabbit head--just pin a sheep's tail over the rabbit's cottontail.
* Rams are typically fluffier and bigger than ewes, so wrap yourself in an extra thick rug, especially if you're wearing a bunny costume.
* A Santa beard or several cotton balls glued to a white scarf or bandanna will give you that thick neck fur.
* You don't have to match your kids' costumes exactly, but try not to contrast too much.
* Blacken your nose with theatrical paint or wear a sheep's nose.

Now you and your little lambs can frolic together as a family flock!



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