Captain Feathersword Pirate Costume

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My kids love the Wiggles, how can I dress like Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate?

Captain Feathersword Pirate Costume

Hoist your pirate flags and get ready to wiggle! The kids' entertainment group The Wiggles are the top earners in Australia now, thanks in part to a cast of characters like Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate. When he's not chopping fruit salad, sailing the seven seas with his band of friendly pirates, or dancing the pirate's jig, Captain Feathersword dazzles with his pirate costumes. You can purchase the standard pirate buccaneer costume and make a pirate vest of red felt with “gold” buttons. Captain Feathersword has “magic” buttons that he presses during the Wiggles' touring shows, DVDs and TV shows. Instead of a pirate sword, Captain Feathersword carries a brightly colored feather. He also wears the eyepatch and gold hoop earring traditional in pirate costumes. The standard pirate hats will work for a Captain Feathersword costume. Of course, don't forget plenty of fruit for fruit salad. Have your children dress up as the Wiggles and take your musical act on the road!



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