Sexy Costume For A Group Of Girls

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What do I need for a Playboy Bunny costume?

Sexy Costume For A Group Of Girls

Got a bunch of gal pals who want to coordinate a sexy costume on Halloween? Get your girlfriends together and model the Playboy Bunny costume. Not to be confused with the Playboy Playmates who pose for Playboy Magazine, Playboy Bunnies were the cocktail waitresses at the Playboy Clubs, which closed in 1988. For this sexy costume, you'll need a strapless black leotard or swimsuit with a push-up bra. Add fishnet stockings, black bunny ears, white wrist cuffs with black cuff links, a white collar with black bowtie, and black high heel pumps. Finish your Playboy Bunny costume with a bunny tail. You can find the bunny tail in white at most costume shops to attach to your leotard or swimsuit.



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