Left to the Imagination

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Can I be sexy if I'm all covered up?

Left to the Imagination

These days, it seems everyone's baring all. Tyra Banks made sure we all knew her breasts are real. You want something a little more understated and sophisticated. Not for you the sexy nurse costume or sexy French maid costume.

Guess what--although you can have fun and let loose with scanty sexy adult costumes, it's Halloween and you can dress the way you want. We agree that a little mystique is more appealing than bare-all underwear ads. Some of our favorite not-so-bare sexy Halloween costumes include:

* Classic Japanese kimono or female ninja costume
* Greek goddess or Roman lady
* Cleopatra
* Medieval ball gowns
* Policewoman or firefighter uniforms
* Vampiress in long gown
* Scarlett O'Hara or Southern belle
* Revolutionary War gowns or 1890s gowns with those big hats!
* Marilyn Screen Goddess without your skirt twirling up

You don't mind if the guys bare a little in sexy costumes--turnabout is fair play! So relax and charm everyone at the party without showing more skin than you're comfortable with. After all, as Mae West said, "Sex appeal is 50 percent what you've got and 50 percent what people think you've got."



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