Chicken Purim Costumes

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What does a chicken have to do with Purim?

Chicken Purim Costumes

Queen Esther and King Ahausuerus religious costumes. Haman and Mordechai kids Biblical costumes. Jester Purim costumes. Chicken costumes? What does a chicken have to do with a grand historical story filled with the trials of faith and politics and children's Biblical costumes?

Hey, people have to eat--and soothsayers sacrificed birds to read the auguries. Bawwwwk!

However, chicken Purim costumes serve the same purpose as Jester Purim costumes: to make people laugh! Other comical animal costumes can lighten the mood during the grand theatrical and religious scenes. Do the Chicken Dance with the court jesters! Just don't get in the way of the cooks or the soothsayers.



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