Purim Jester or Clown Costumes

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What kind of jester or clown costumes can I wear?

Purim Jester or Clown Costumes

While there's plenty of murder, suffering and scandal during a Purim play, as well as religious meaning, Purim can be joyous too. Jesters and fools have long been used, especially in plays, as comic relief durign the serious action. While everyone chooses Biblical costumes, you or your kids can pick jester Purim costumes.

What do you need to be a successful jester? Jester costumes are typically straightforward--tasseled hat, masks (if you want to take a cue from Mardi Gras), panne fabric tunics, pointy shoes. What else do you need?

* Musical instruments--besides the gragger, you can play a drum or trumpet
* Supply of jokes and jests
* Jingle bells
* Animals such as toy dogs that can do tricks
* Good singing voice, since jesters in Purim plays usually sing
* Graceful gestures
* Funny shtick and physical comedy

While children may be fussing with children's Biblical costumes and adults fussing with adult religious costumes, you are preparing to bring on the laughter in a time of sorrow, treachery, faith, romance and fasting. This is great theater!



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