Purim Gragger

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What is a "gragger" and how do I make one?

Purim Gragger

Answer this question: A gragger is:

a) An accessory to Purim costumes
b) A book of the Torah
c) A Hebrew curse
d) A Purim noisemaker
e) a and d

Graggers go with Purim costumes like crooks and angel wings go with adult Biblical costumes and kids Biblical costumes. A gragger is a loud noisemaker you shake during Purim plays and feasts. You usually shake it while booing whenever everyone mentions Haman.

Load a juice can with jingle bells, cover both ends with paper, and poke a hole in one of the paper circles. Place both ends of a pipe cleaner in the hole and twist them together. Cover the whole can with adhesive tape and decorate it with glitter or stickers (preferably Star of David stickers). Take hold of the pipe cleaner loop and shake hard!

Just be sure that the din of the gragger doesn't drown out the boos for the villain Haman and the cheers for Queen Esther and her devoted uncle Mordechai!



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