Queen Esther Jewelry

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What jewelry should Queen Esther wear?

Queen Esther Jewelry

Unlike your Hamans in their children's religious costumes, Queen Esther only has her faith to protect her. Well, that and the love of a King. So all you Queen Esthers, when you're dressed in Renaissance ball gown Purim costumes, you don't need too many accessories--just the dress and the crown.

A little pale makeup with some shadow tint will help you get that hollow look during your fast. But should you wear jewelry while you're saving the Jews?

According to legend, Queen Esther, as a Queen candidate, wore only her Star of David or a similar star necklace, so Queen Esther kids Biblical costumes or adult Biblical costumes shouldn't be heavy on the bling. Queen Esther actually gave King Ahausuerus the star necklace during her first date with him. The excellent novel HADASSAH: One Night With the King has a terrific vivid portrayal of Esther and her costumes.

So wear star necklaces with religious costumes during Purim and be a queen with full confidence and faith.



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