Guy Thing Halloween Costumes

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What are some great Halloween costume group ideas for guys?

Guy Thing Halloween Costumes

When the ladies aren't around, the men will pretend they don't care, because, after all, you need a night with the buddies, right? But you'll all be looking to impress the ladies, so pick group Halloween costumes that won't embarrass you and your pals. You pronbably have a hysterical idea for a Halloween costume idea group. If it involves sperm, beer kegs or toilets, forget it. Too "Animal House"!

We have some group Halloween costume ideas that will allow you to let loose and still attract smiles. Our group costume suggestions:

* Blue Man Group Halloween costumes--you know you love 'em.
* Band of pirates--you can argue over who gets to be Johnny Depp.
* US Military, Civil War, minutemen, and historical military men such as samurais.
* Vampire barbershop quartet.
* 50s greasers with leather jackets.
* The Beatles or the Rolling Stones.
* US Presidents, or great men in history.

Have fun with your posse, hang loose, and be self-assured in your all-male group Halloween costumes.



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